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Shop Local and Celebrate Small Businesses at Farmview Market


small businesses Have you ever wondered how a community thrives? It’s through the support of our local economy and through the support of local small businesses. Georgia is home to over 600,000 small businesses and that number continues to skyrocket, as consumers see the importance of shopping local.  The success of small businesses depends on the direct participation of every consumer and local shopper.

So, how can you participate and support your local community? Visit Farmview! Within our market, you can find a plethora of small businesses from across Georgia and beyond. Need some meat for your backyard BBQ? Visit our butcher shop and pick up choice cuts from Revere Meats Co. Revere hails from Atlanta, Georgia and specializes in local and organic meats and seafood. Or, if you’re in need of some organic beauty products, hit up Cheeky Maiden! Cheeky Maiden is another Georgia native and her line of organic soaps will please everyone in your family.

small businesses If you’re hungry, browse the rows and rows of locally grown goodies in our marketplace. Be sure to try Kyvan Salsa. Kyvan was founded by NFL Pro Reggie Kelly and his wife Shelia and they’re a member of Georgia Grown. Speaking of Georgia Grown, pick up another Georgia Grown alum Harrison Family Farm. We’re mad about their gourmet balsamic vinaigrettes and Eudora chow-chow. You can even make your own grits and flour at our Farmview grist mill. Got a sweet tooth? Grab a cake from Jessie Cakes, in our Farmview bakery. Jessie Cakes are always light, fluffy, and delicious and her cake flavors are seasonal.  Or, head to the freezer for High Road creamery. Talk about flavors! Each ice cream is made by hand, by professional chefs, so the flavor combinations are out of this world.

small businessesHead over to Farmview and celebrate small businesses by purchasing our local goods. From meats and produce, to grains and grits, Farmview is the best stop for Georgia Grown items.