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Olive Wood Products for Christmas


Christmas is almost here. So, if you’re still shopping for that perfect gift, try giving something a little extra this year. Here at Farmview, we’re dedicated to bringing organic, locally or responsibly sourced products to our area. Naturally and responsibly sourced items are a key part in Farmview’s commitment to preserving our planet. We're especially obsessed with our latest olive wood cutting boards and products. The best part? They're fair trade!

olive-wood-serving-boardStop by our Market and purchase one of our fair trade items. These items are handcrafted from sustainable products, like olive woods. You get a beautiful, one of a kind item that is actually great for the planet. And, you can support artisans from all over the world! What could be better than gifting a fair trade, handmade item from a local artisan or artist? That’s the true spirit of Christmas.

You’re probably wondering why we’re so crazy for olive wood. Well, olive trees are considered sacred in Greece, and are very rarely felled. This means that there is less wasteful harvesting of olive trees and that the trees have time to repopulate before the next cultivation. Each piece of wood has been hand selected by master craftsmen and seasoned for 3 to 5 years. This results in a nonporous surface that’s perfect for your kitchen, because it won’t absorb food odors. And, did you know that the color of the wood’s grain denotes its age? The darker the grain, the older the tree.

This year, we made our olive wood items even better. Each olive wood cutting board has been engraved with our Farmview logo and a cheery “Merry Christmas”. Our artisans came together to create this stunning design that is both rustic and functional, and the perfect addition to your holiday table. Stop by Farmview today to pick up your olive wood cutting boards and other items today!