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Enjoy a Grab and Go Lunch for National Brown-Bag-It Day!


national brown bag it dayWhat could be better than a homemade lunch? Taking your lunch to work or to school is a great way to save money and make healthy food choices. Why not celebrate National Brown-Bag-It Day tomorrow, on May 25th, and pack a lunch?

Packing your own lunch is a sure way to know exactly what you are eating.

Pack a traditional peanut butter sandwich. Throw in some apples, oranges, bananas or other fruit. Be sure to also pack some protein bars, vegetable slices, and hummus for a quick pick-me-up snack.  Try out some new soup recipes for your family dinner, and take the leftovers to lunch the next day.

Seriously, this holiday couldn’t be simpler. To observe National Brown-Bag-It Day, simply pack a lunch. Want to take your brown bagging efforts to social media? You can use #NationalBrownBagItDay when you post pictures of your hand-packed lunches and connect with others as they celebrate.

As always, you can find literally everything to create the lunch of your dreams at Farmview. Fresh produce that will make your co-workers jealous. Organic peanut butters and great tasting organic jams for the most health-conscience PB&J  around. We even have locally sourced chocolate bars and granola bars to calm your sugar cravings.

Are you looking for an even simpler option?

Check out our Brown Bag specials, available all summer long:

  • Atlanta Fresh Yogurt, Fresh GA peaches, Georgia Grown Blueberries, Creative Snacks Veggie Chips, Back to Nature Classic Crème Cookies

  • Bread and Butter Pimento Cheese, Field Day Baked Natural Crackers, Woodstock Organic Almonds, Farmview Market Beef Jerky

  • B.L.T. with Farmview Market house made bacon, Reedy Creek Organic lettuce, and Organic Beefsteak tomatoes on Luna wheat bread, Kettle Brand Sriracha popcorn, Field Day Chocolate chip cookies

All of these lunch options are available right here at Farmview! Do your weekly shopping with us and Brown-Bag-It to work for National Brown-Bag-It-Day tomorrow, on May 25th!