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Farmview Chef's Profile: Chef David Larkworthy


Chef Larkworthy 5 SeasonsChef David Larkworthy, of 5 Season fame, is an expert at crafting exquisite dishes using locally grown and seasonal ingredients. Chef Larkworthy’s food philosophy is thus; “"I believe fresh, natural food tastes better. I believe in supporting our local organic farmers and those practicing sustainable agriculture.” Naturally, Farmview was intrigued.

We discovered that Chef David Larkworthy’s interest in the organic food movement evolved from his father, who was also a chef. Together, they pioneered the idea of using organic and local ingredients long before popular interest. In 2001, Chef David Larkworthy opened the doors to his 5 Seasons Brewing Company, along the same ideals that his father once commanded; local, seasonal food at a reasonable price.

It seems to have worked and the national reviewers are raving! Zagat Survey rated 5 Seasons “Excellent.” The New York Times rhapsodized 5 Seasons as "Where to eat... Remarkable" and Atlanta Magazine, Atlanta Journal and Creative Loafing christened The 5 as "Best of Atlanta." David and his food have appeared on Good Morning America, Good Morning Atlanta, CNN and has had many recipes published in newspapers and magazines.

Farmview had the chance to sit down with the noted Chef and discuss why his love of food is so passionate and his visions for the future of Georgia Grown.

How did you get started?

I have always loved food. My first word was "Apple", I had my own business picking blackberries and selling them at age 9. I worked in my father's restaurant at age 12. I opened my first restaurant at age 23. I started the 5 Seasons in 1999.

What is the best part about your job?

The best part about my job is working with food. Food is life and a great thing to work with.

We understand you are a 2016 Georgia Grown Chef. What does this entail and how do you see this program helping Georgia’s Food and Beverage industry?

I think the Georgia Grown Chef program will help develop and awareness and appreciation for the wonderful foods we have here in Georgia.

Is consumer demand for local impacting your offerings, how you’re doing things.

We offer about 20 specials a day on top of our regular menu that change between lunch and dinner. We feature many local, seasonal and organic foods and many of our guests come here for that reason.

What is your favorite thing right now with food/cooking?

My favorite thing right now with food and cooking is the bounty of beautiful things available this time of year to work with. We are so fortunate to have such great farmers and ingredients available to us here in Georgia

What is your biggest piece of advice for young restauranteurs?

Starting a restaurant is an enormous and difficult task.  I would advise anyone starting out to make sure they focus on the importance of having a strong lease or occupancy arrangement and a plan for how to exit so they get the most out of their work wherever it is.