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"Meat" The Crew of the Farmview Market Butcher Shop


Have you met our Butcher Shop crew?

butcher saleIn today’s world of fast food burgers and Saran-wrapped meats, do you find yourself craving something different? Look no further than Farmview Market. We pride ourselves on offering the freshest and most delicious choices of steaks, ground beef, pork, and chicken. And, like all of our fresh fruits, vegetables and produce, our meats are responsibly sourced. We partner with local farmers and providers, like Revere Meat Co. and Innisfail Farm, for our meats and seafood. Our local farmers pride themselves on true tradition. In fact, one recent visitor to Farmview Market was overheard saying that our steaks taste just like the meat he remembers from his childhood.

butcher shopFarmview Market and our suppliers value tradition and supporting our local economy. It’s what we’re most proud of and what our entire marketplace represents. This idea of tradition is best observed in our butcher shop. Butcher Glenn and his rowdy crew will guide you through a meat wonderland! They are the experts at traditional butchery and will help you select the best cuts of meats. The butcher shop at Farmview Market is meant to preserve the history of our farming and our food, as well as its tastiness too. But, don’t let us convince you! Check out some of our visitors’ reactions to Farmview delicious butcher shop.

From Twitter:

butcher shop@jonrose_: Farmview Market has the best meats. Local prime rib eyes are lookin’ amazing!

@theboyandthedog: The great guys in the butcher shop at Farmview Market cut to the perfect thickness! Be sure to check out the market for tons of cool stuff and their pasture prime wagyu beef!

@ashleynelsonbrown: BEST fillets I have ever had last weekend! Yum!


From Facebook:

butcher shopTonya Pettigrew Crooms: I just had a sample of the New York Strip and it was amazing!!! Cooked without any seasoning except a little salt after the meat had rested. Delish!!

Cynthia Stanley Boblenz: Bought prime beef tenderloin steak last Friday---so tender and tasty!!

Janice Bratcher: I picked up some ribeyes and the bacon cheeseburgers. They were both awesome.

Cynthia Stanley: Boblenz The beef tenderloin we grilled was delicious!!!

Christopher Sherlock: Had the choice ribeye the other weekend. I will say it was probably one of the best steaks I've had.

Constance Johnson: OMG that smoked Canadian Bacon is amazing!!! Just saying... to the left of the butcher counter in a free standing fridge! Well worth the trip and the price!

Jody Sellers: Your hamburger meat was very delicious my first time buying from the market.