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Revere Meat Co.- In Reverence of Locally Sourced Meats


revere meat co. At Farmview Market, we are on a mission to provide the very best quality products that are also responsibly and locally sourced. That goes for everything in our marketplace, and in particular, our butcher shop. Farmview has an onsite, open air butcher where we proudly serve meats from Revere Meat Co. Revere Co. is a completely new and unique approach to meat delivery. Founded in 2014, the company was formed when a hand full of industry veterans decided that some changes were needed in their field. Their founders wanted to create a supplier of the best quality meats, while also creating meaningful relationships with their customers.

revere meat co. At Revere Meat Co., they have a deep reverence for the people, businesses, and animals that make up their industry. Chad Stien, a majority owner and co-founder of the company said, “The combined experience our team represents is truly one of a kind for our business. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity that none of us could pass up.” This collective of industry experts took their knowledge and passion and created a company that truly supports the farmers and growers of meats. All of their meats are exceptional in quality and are usually sourced from Georgia ranchers. Revere also highly values a deep dedication to old world craftsmanship, which makes them a standout amongst other suppliers.

revere meat co.These guys do it all! Revere Meat Co., is a full-service specialty meat processing and distribution company, offering a full line of custom aged items for any need. And, when they say “full line”, they mean it.  Everything from beef, pork, lamb, seafood, and dry or wet aged steaks. While Revere Meat Co. is dedicated to focusing on partnering with local farmers and ranchers, the guys will also feature the best products for categories such as Olympic Provisions Charcuterie out of Portland, OR and Mishima Reserve Wagyu from Seattle.

revere meat co.Farmview is proud to be a support of Revere Meat Co. and their exquisitely simple approach to great butchery. The meat we receive is always butter-tender and packed full of flavor. One guest was overheard saying that Revere Meat Co. is “the best steak I’ve ever had!” You can find out more about Revere Meat Co. by visiting their Facebook page. And, stop by Farmview butchers to check out their meats and produce first hand!