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Farmview Farmer's Profile: The Double L Ranch of Gordon, Georgia


“Know your farmer, know your food.”

double l ranchThat’s the motto over at Double L Ranch in Gordon, Georgia. Double L Ranch, owned by Larry and Lori Smith, began life as a simple vegetable and egg farm. Now, it’s a fully-fledged business with fresh produce, homemade jellies and jams, and yes, their local, fresh eggs. We sat down with Lori Smith to talk about the Ranch’s success and why they are so committed to the local farming movement. 

Thank you so much for participating in our Farmview Farmer’s Profile for April. Please introduce yourselves to our readers and tell us a bit about your farm.

We are Larry and Lori Smith, Double L Ranch. We are a family operated, sustainable farm that is committed to growing quality, local produce. 

How did you get started with Double L Ranch?

We started growing for our family and had people stopping by the house wanting to purchase fresh vegetables and eggs. It took off from there!

double l ranchHow did you hear about or get involved with the Farmview Farmer’s Market?

We saw the market being built when we were out that way. When we found out that there would be an open air market we contacted Brad for more information.

Why do you feel that supporting local farms and local agriculture is important?

We firmly believe in “Know your Farmer, Know your food”. The quicker the produce gets to your table from the field, the healthier it is for you!! When you talk with your farmers about their growing practices, you become aware of where your food comes from and what it takes to produce it for you. This is only possible through supporting local farms and local agriculture.

Your jams and baked goods are delicious! When did you start baking and why did you incorporate these items into Double L Ranch?

I learned to bake and can from my mother. I remember her letting me make biscuits in my toy pans and baking them along side of hers!! That would put me baking for over 40 years! We always preserved our own food that we grew or purchased from the local farmer’s market when I was coming up so it was natural to continue to preserve for my family as the vegetables started coming in. The jams and jellies fell right in with that. They were incorporated into the farm sales through customer requests. I have always felt that home baked good and jams are much better for you than commercially produced products. We use no preservatives in our products.

double l ranchWhat kinds of produce are in season on your farm, right now?

Within the next few weeks, we should have radishes, collards, broccoli, cabbage, sweet onions, red onions, and potatoes available. Squash, cucumbers, and tomatoes will follow shortly!!

Which breeds of chicken do you raise for your fresh eggs? Do you prefer one breed over another and why do you prefer them?

We raise a variety of breeds, Rhode Island Reds, Buffs, Barred Rock, and Americana are a few. I am partial to our Rhode Island Reds! They are consistent layers of a large brown egg!

Do you have any plans for the future to expand what you offer to guests or what you produce? If so, please describe them for us. 

We plan to expand our jam selection and baked goods. We are working on improving our line of mixes. I would love to add more soup and dinner mixes as well as healthy instant soups. We are experimenting with the recipes now.

double l ranchPlease tell readers how they can find out more information about your farm?

You can find us on Facebook. We are also building a website. We will publish the web address on Facebook when it is up and running!!

Last question. What is your least favorite chore to do on the farm?

This is the hardest question!! We truly enjoy all aspects of our work! If I had to choose my least favorite chore, it would have to be cleaning the chicken coops!!