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The Farmview Story


It all started with a small garden – and a big dream. 

The Garden at Broughton began as a way for owner, Keith Kelly, to provide locally grown, fresh fruits and vegetables for his employees. Over time, that small garden grew and grew, now producing over 100,000 pounds of produce annually. 

After providing for his employees, the idea grew into providing for his local community - that of Madison, Georgia. And so, Farmview Market was born.

Combining two of Morgan County’s two largest industries: tourism and agriculture, Farmview Market brings not only a grocery store, but also a specialty butcher shop, a farm-to-table cafe, a smoothie and ice cream bar, and an open-air seasonal farmers market space.

Farmview Market works with local farmers, producers, suppliers, and Georgia Grown members to provide locally produced, minimally processed foods, artisan crafts, unique gifts, and more!

Our company is built around the belief that helping people understand where their food comes from—and the positive impact buying local and eating healthier can have—will result in more vibrant, connected and economically sustainable communities. We want you to be closer to your food - literally and figuratively!

Down to the core of the building itself, Farmview Market aims to support the agricultural industry. In fact, the building that houses our location is actually made up of two historically restored barns, both of which came from upstate New York. We worked with Heritage Restorations to make this possible.

The first, the English barn, which resides over the Butcher Shop, is a nod to the Industrial Revolution and the way that the agricultural industry adapted to the rapid shift of machinery. The high ceilings originally boasted a haytrack, which helped produce more hay than ever before. The second (over the grocery department), the Dutch barn, came from Stone Arabia, New York, and highlights the architectural changes in barns of that time. Estimated to have been built between 1750 and 1780, this barn is complete with the original wall plates and purlin, which are the long pieces of timber that act as the main support to the structure.

Farmview Market aims to be a bright and integral part of its community through the food and experiences it provides. Whether you stop in just to shop, sit down for a bite to eat, or enjoy the open-air farmers market with them on the weekends during the spring and summer months, you can be sure of one thing—you’ll leave with a smile on your face (and a full belly!).