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Supplier Profile: Fire & Flavor


The Story of Fire & Flavor 

A true grill master enjoys the smoky flavors of grilled foods all year. Just ask Gena Knox, the owner of Fire & Flavor. With a line of products including brines, charcoal, seasonings, and more, Fire & Flavor offers a variety of flavorful spices and even cedar planks.

Fire & Flavor has grown to become one of the most sought out places for unique recipes and all-natural offerings that can easily take your homemade meals to the next level.

Owners, Gena and Davis Knox started Fire & Flavor to help other’s create healthier and EASIER recipes to help their quality of lives. They are both huge health nuts! Gena (the brains of the operation), started to research for easier ways to flavor food with healthier options.

Finally, she came upon an old Native American tradition that involved cedar planks. The Native Americans used cedar planks as a way to smoke their food, where the flavor of food is enhanced and easier to prepare.

Gena went to a big-box retailer to look for some cedar planks, so that she could experiment. She was directed to the construction area. She was concerned about the chemicals inside the cedar planks there and left empty handed. Thus, began the search again.

Eventually, she uncovered that the cedar used in saunas did not have any harsh chemicals and decided to use those. This was actually a more environmental friendly option.

Once she tried this method at home, she discovered that the Native Americans were right. Using cedar planks were the way to go when smoking your food. As newlyweds, Gena and Davis Knox created Fire & Flavor by selling cedar planks from their very own garage in Athens, GA.

Fire & Flavor has an ongoing relationship with Farmview Market. We even included some of their products in our Griller’s Companion holiday box set. This gift box consists of their famous cedar plank, charcoal fire starter, and steak rub, and more.