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Custom Handmade Cutting Boards from Soundview Millworks


In 2008, Soundview Millworks began crafting its signature line of nautical-inspired handmade cutting boards and home accessories.

Founder, Grant Tankoos, worked at Vineyard Vines for a time and left to build spec houses with a childhood friend. When the economy declined in 2008 the friends’ plans changed and Tankoos ended up in his dad’s garage trying to scrape together enough projects to make ends meet.

“I had the idea to accent cutting boards with a boat cleat and pulled the stripe pattern from our love of boats. Reminiscent of the Teak and Holly patterns in boat finishing and decking, it was a subtle nod to the water and all things nautical. We sold one, then and few more and the momentum just built. We tried to never say no,” recalls Tankoos.

A professed “boat dork” Tankoos says he lives for days and nights he gets to spend on the water surrounded by friends and family.

“My favorite thing about what we do is working with great people with great ideas who really want to give something special to someone in their life. It’s nice to help them create that special gift.”


Soundview Millworks products truly are special. Using the highest quality materials, the company is focused on creating unique and personalized gifts. From customized initials to family crests; wedding gifts to trophies, they have crafted and engraved thousands of personal experiences into solid memories.

Today, Soundview Millworks may be bigger, but Tankoos and crew still love what they do and proudly pay homage to their handmade American roots.

“All our cutting boards are handmade right here in the U.S.! Our core materials are maple and mahogany; they are the toughest and combined together they showcase our nautical affinity,” said Tankoos, adding, “We set out to create something that showed the passion for the things we love. The boards, handles and engravings are an avenue to express that passion with others.”

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