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Supplier Profile: A&A Alta Cucina Italia


A&A Alta Cucina Italia

alta cucina

Recently, we caught up with our vendor and market supplier with A&A Alta Cucina Italia to learn more about how this local company began, and how owner Adriana Coppola brings her heritage and family traditions into the business.

What does the name Alta Cucina mean? And what does the A&A stand for?

It means “Gourmet Kitchen,” (its literal meaning is High Kitchen). A&A stands for my sister Angelina & myself. My sister was my best friend, who I always admired for her exquisite taste and her amazing designs. She was an architect and designer, and unfortunately was gone way before her time. I designed and made (and still do) all my labels & packaging inspired by how I think she would have liked them.

Describe your business.

A&A was founded in 2011, 6 months after I arrived from Italy. I started preparing my products in Suwanee, at the Shared Kitchen, and after winning the grand prize of Flavor of Georgia with our Blueberry Balsamic, I was unable to continue handling my company by myself, so I passed the production side to the Shared Kitchen. This allowed me to focus more on running the business. Production is currently done in Decatur .

A&A offers Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Balsamic Vinegars Reductions, Tomato Sauces, Gourmet Seasoned Salts, and Pestos & Balsamic Jams.

From where are your products and ingredients sourced?

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Balsamic Vinegar is of Italian origin, but the herbs, fruits and other ingredients we use are locally sourced.

alta cucina

Which of these products are offered at Farmview Market?

Farmview offers a wide variety of A&A products, such as our tomato sauces, infused olive oils, balsamic vinegars and pestos.

How did you get involved with Italian foods, oil blends, and sauces?

I come from a traditional Italian family from a small town near Naples, Sorrento. My father worked around the world in the Italian restaurant business his whole life. Growing up in a house filled with the flavors and aromas from southern Italian dishes fueled my passion for cooking. I got involved with it through the kitchen where I grew up, watching my mom, aunt, and family cook.

Italians take great pride in their traditions and their cuisine is no exception. Mealtimes are an integral part of our daily routine, a special sharing time with family and friends.

Most of the products you find in an American supermarket that are labeled “Italian” are not really Italian at all. When you try them at home they are not authentic and taste nothing like you would find in Italy. So this is how A&A Alta Cucina was born – finding a way to capture the aromas and flavors of our Italian cuisine by infusing natural herbs in extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegars and making blended seasonings and salts that capture the essence of our Italian dishes.

What is your favorite authentic Italian recipe that's been passed down in your family?

Cannelloni, and Ravioli alla Caprese. Those are both among the most known famous dishes from Capri. My father is from Capri.

alta cucina

What is the most rewarding thing about developing these products?

When at the farmers markets or a demo/show, people taste the products and instantly make a WOW expression! That moment for me is the most gratifying, seeing people discovering and enjoying our products. Also, knowing that I am contributing in a small way to help people engage and enjoy new Italian experiences with its authentic aromas and flavors, in the comfort of their homes.

Why do you think supporting local business and local agriculture is important?

Buying local foods means so much, and I see the benefits as:
Less demand for transportation, so lower impact on the environment; Getting to know the source of the food that you are eating.

-Fresh products, so they are better, healthier and so much more flavorful.

-You support local people, local families, and your community so it’s a win-win.

-You connect and engage with your community.

Which products of yours were the Flavor of Georgia 2015 winner and 2014 finalist?

Cherry Balsamic Vinegar was 2014 finalist in the category of Salsas, Chutneys & Condiments.

In 2015, my Blueberry Balsamic Vinegar was the winner in this same category (Salsas, Chutneys & Condiments), and also the overall grand prize winner!

alta cucina

What do you hope to see in the future for your business? Do you have any new products you're working on?

I would love to continue offering and bringing new experiences to the tables of my community, and to help them create healthy meals in a simple and quick way. I enjoy showing people that they only need to add a few other ingredients to still make flavorful, fresh, and healthy meals from the comfort of their homes, where they can grow their own traditions and memories for the next generations to come.

I’m working now in several new products such as pastas, pizzas, and some sour jams.


And we look forward to having a chance to taste these new products as soon as they are available! The next time you’re at Farmview Market, look for A&A Alta Cucina Italia products on our shelves, and try a traditionally authentico taste of Italy. We’d like to thank Adriana for taking the time to discuss her passion with us, and we are pleased to have you as a partner and supplier.