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Soothe Away Your Day with a DIY At-Home Spa!


at-home spaSometimes, you need to relax the day away and pamper yourself with an at-home spa day. If you need to soothe your nerves or allergies have created havoc with your skin, an at-home spa day will leave you feeling fresh and renewed, just in time for spring. Farmview has a great selection of all natural beauty products. To help you create the perfect spa-like experience, we scoured our beauty isle to find our picks for creating an incredible at-home spa experience, using organic and all-natural finds! And, boy, did we find them!

First things first...

at-home spaYou can’t have a relaxing at home spa day without scented candles. Farmview has some of the best scented candles around. If you like fruity, sweet scents try Dirt Road Wax Co. Candles in black cherry, Georgia peach, or lemon pound cake. Located in Colbert, Georgia Dirt Road Wax Co. has been hand-pouring their all natural soy wax candles and using locally sourced wood wicks. And, the long-lasting, clean-burning candles come in some incredible scents. If you like fruity, sweet scents try their black cherry or Georgia peach candles. Our favorite has to be the caramel tobacco candle. It’s a warm, sugar scent that works incredibly well with our bubble bath.

Have a Good Soak

at-home spaSpeaking of bubble baths, the centerpiece of any at-home spa day is the bath. Whether you prefer to bask in bubbles or soothe your aches with a salt bath, Cheeky Maiden has your answer. Her all-natural soaps have been Farmview Favorite for some time now. Soak your cares away in a lavender oatmeal bath. The Maiden’s secret blend of healing oats and lavender essential oils will soothe your skin and relax your senses at the same time. If you have sore muscles, her salt bath will also do the trick. Salt baths have been used for centuries to heal tired and strained muscles and have also been used to aid in healing the common cold. Cheeky Maiden’s salt bath is full of patchouli and lavender oils and we’ve got to admit it. We’re absolutely obsessed.

Discover Essential Oils

at-home spaDid we mention that Farmview also stocks essential oils? Check out Farmview’s essential oils selection by Aura Cacia and Luxe Apothecary, where you can find oils like lavender, orange, and cedarwood. You can add essential oils to your at home spa day, by adding oils to your bath water or by using a diffuser. If you’re looking for a nighttime soother, then Aura Cacia’s Lavender Foam Bath is your answer. Play around in the swirling, foamy bubbles while simultaneously sending you off to a sound slumber.

Treat yourself using Farmview’s amazing selection of organic, all-natural, local beauty finds. And at home spa day is a great way to show your skin some love and to help you relax. Whether you use candles, essential oils or bath foam, Farmview has everything you’ll need to create the perfect spa-like environment in the comfort of your bathroom.