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Low, Slow, and Local: Recap of our Southern Classic™ BBQ Contest


bbq contest

Last month, we hosted our first annual Southern Classic™ BBQ Competition. This event couldn’t have fallen on a more beautiful, summer Saturday at the Farmers Market and we were thrilled to work with event sponsors, Beautiful Briny SeaDoux South Pickles, the Georgia Beef Board, and Southern Farm & Garden.

This Southern Classic™ BBQ Competition attracted 25 participants from across the region to compete for a GRAND PRIZE of $1,000, as well as awards in each category for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. These competitors were judged on numerous qualities as they prepared chicken, pork ribs, and beef tri-tip.

bbq contest

The list of participants is as follows, including the final ranking of the competition:

bbq contest

Pot's BBQ                                             37.99
Lowe-n-Slow BBQ                         37.91
Hold Your Horses                           37.49
Crafty Uncle Potts                         37.41
Bobby Ray                                           37.25
Base Camp Cookers                      36.22
Wicked Que                                       35.90
Sensational Pigs                             35.41
5 O’Clock BBQ                                  35.16
The Situation BBQ                        34.74
4k’s BBQ                                              34.57
Butt Buddy BBQ                              34.15
Bruce Wang                                       33.99
Sweet Afternoons                          33.91
Mad-Ox-Que                                     33.74
CK’s Smokehouse                          33.24
VPQ                                                        32.72
Big Al’s Smokin’ BBQ                   32.66
Southern Dawgs BBQ                  31.83
Slophog                                                30.95
Turman R&B BBQ                         30.87
Double D’s BBQ                               30.75
What You Smokin’                         30.49
Whoop Ass BBQ                              29.33
Funky Que                                          29.24

In addition to our grand prize winner, Pot's BBQ, we would like to congratulate the finalists in each category:


bbq contestChicken

1st Place: Sensational Pigs
2nd Place: Pot's BBQ
3rd Place: Hold Your Horses



bbq contest


1st Place: Lowe-n-Slow BBQ
2nd Place: Hold Your Horses
3rd Place: Base Camp Cookers



bbq contestBeef Tri-tip

1st Place: Sweet Afternoons
2nd Place: Bobby Ray
3rd Place: Crafty Uncle Potts



We were thrilled with the turnout of both competitors and patrons during this event, and we would like to thank each group for joining us to share their passion for local food and BBQ. Many of the participants have shared with us how much they enjoyed the competition, and that they learned a lot in the process. We can’t wait until next year.

bbq contest

If you missed the fun this time around, don’t fret! Our weekly Farmers Market at Farmview will take place through the end of October with more opportunities to sample delicious local food and BBQ. Join us on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to meet the friendly faces behind the brands you love.