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Look & Feel Your Best with Natural Beauty Products Created at Home


A short journey down the shampoo and cosmetics aisle of most grocery stores will take you on an aromatic trip with soothing scents from around the world. Among many of the popular bath product trends are Himalayan sea salt, coconut oil,  and almond and cucumber additives. Many of our artisan market suppliers have tapped into these trends to create their all-natural soaps and lotions. Did you know that with a little extra time and some very special local food products from Farmview Market, you could also create your own natural beauty products from home?

natural beauty products

Not only is it cost-effective and fun to make your own all-natural beauty products, but it also gives you the opportunity to have the freshest product! So, nurture yourself with nature, and plan a shopping excursion to Farmview Market to whip up these fantastic natural beauty products.

Hand-Crafted Natural Beauty Products

natural beauty products Recipe via Mad in Crafts

Coconut Oil and Honey Hair Mask

The rich texture of the coconut oil paired with the antibacterial attributes of the honey create a simple, natural hair mask that will feel great with application and leave your hair feeling great afterward.


2 parts                  Coconut oil, melted
2 parts                  Local honey
1 part                    Apple cider vinegar


Mix together and pour into a microwaveable jar.  The hair mask will naturally separate in the jar, Re-melt and stir before each application.


natural beauty products Recipe via Love Grows Wild

Homemade Exfoliating Mint Sugar Scrub

Not only will this scrub leave you with a tingly-cool clean feeling, you’ll smell amazing too! This natural scrub can be used to soothe & exfoliate just about any area. For the more adventurous, we also recommend substituting the sugar with lavender or rosemary sea salt by Beautiful Briny Sea. Find these on the shelves at Farmview Market!


1/2 cup                 Coconut oil
1 1/2 - 2 cups     Sugar
1 tbsp.                    Peppermint extract


Place coconut oil in a bowl and microwave on high 15-25 seconds until softened. Start by adding 1 1/2 cups sugar to the oil, along with the peppermint extract. Mix until ingredients are well combined and evenly distributed. If mixture is too wet, add another 1/2 cup sugar until scrub is to desired consistency.

Spoon scrub into air-tight containers (such as a mason jar) and decorate with twine or ribbon. Enjoy!


natural beauty products Recipe via Pops de Milk

All-Natural Pre-Shave Oil

This beauty & wellness elixir is incredibly simple to make, and can be created with ingredients all locally-sourced at Farmview Market. The best part about this natural beauty product is the versatility to be used by both men and women. Believe it or not, it lathers nicely for a close shave on your face! Whip up a batch of this before your next shave to add moisture to your regimen.


2 tbsp.                  Almond oil
1 tbsp.                  Olive oil
15 drops             Essential oils, 10 drops lavender and 5 drops lemon


Mix together and pour into small glass jar, preferably one made of dark colored glass (to keep the oil out of direct light).

To use, rub a small amount of oil onto face or legs, leave it on for about a minute, and either rinse briefly before lathering and shaving, or begin shaving immediately following application.


natural beauty products Recipe via My So-Called Crafty Life

Soothing Avocado and Banana Face Mask

Avocados and bananas aren’t just for your favorite snack, they are great to include in your beauty routine! This combination of simple ingredients will leave your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.


1             Avocado
1             Banana
2 tsp.    Olive oil
1 tsp.     Local honey


Combine the avocado with the banana, a teaspoon of honey, and a teaspoon of olive oil.  Stir these in a bowl with a whisk, utilizing a fork to break up the fruit if necessary. Then apply to face and leave on for a soothing, moisturizing mask experience.


natural beauty products Recipe via Soap Deli News

Chemical-Free Coffee Under-Eye Cream

If your nightly routine includes anti-aging remedies with a list of ingredients you can barely pronounce, go for something all-natural by trying the holistic effects of caffeine and rich aroma of coffee. This under-eye cream reduces the appearance of puffy eyes, dark circles, and fine lines.


1/2 oz.                  Coffee infused oil (see directions below)
.25 oz.                   Jojoba oil
.25 oz.                   Rosehip seed oil
.75 oz.                   Shea butter
.75 oz.                   Cocoa butter
1/2 ml                   Lavender essential oil
1/2 ml                   Chamomile essential oil (1/2 ml if 3% dilution in jojoba or 4-5 drops if pure eo)
5 drops                 Vitamin E oil

Directions for Coffee-Infused Oil:

Coarsely ground 3 tbsp. of whole (unflavored) coffee beans in a coffee grinder. Combined the grounds with 4 oz. by weight of olive oil over low heat for about 15 minutes, then strain the oil using either cheesecloth or a coffee filter in a pinch. If you don’t have a cheesecloth handy, you can improvise by taping a coffee filter to the top of a cup then pouring the coffee and oil into the filter. Once most of the oil drips through, carefully remove the filter and then squeeze the rest of the oil out into the cup.


Using a digital scale, weigh out the shea and cocoa butter into a glass Pyrex measuring cup. Heat in the microwave until melted, then weigh out the coffee infused oil, rosehip seed oil and the jojoba oil and stir into the melted butters.

Next, using a different 3ml Graduated Plastic Transfer Pipette for each essential oil, measure out and add the chamomile and lavender essential oils and mix into the other ingredients. Finally, add several drops of vitamin E if desired and pour into your container(s) of choice.