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How to Stay Active and Healthy During the Holidays


With the holiday season comes festive parties, lots of travel, and plenty of quality time with loved ones. It certainly can shake up routines but finding small ways to stay connected to your health and wellness can help you sustain the busy season and feel grounded when schedules are turned upside down.

Identify the habits that make you feel great

Take some time to sit down and reflect on health habits that make you feel your best. Whether it is an evening routine that helps you get to sleep, or a jog in the mornings—identify what will help you feel good and find a way to stick to it. Hectic schedules may mean this behavior looks different for a period of time. For example, instead of going to a yoga class at a gym, maybe you roll out your mat in your living room for a shorter practice squeezed between holiday engagements. Prioritizing the habits that help you feel sane is a key factor to staying healthy during the holidays.

Enjoy sunny days 

Though Georgia winters occasionally drop snow on the ground, many days, the sun is shining. Taking a 20-30 minute walk can help get your blood moving, increase your energy, expose your eyes to a bit of sunshine (which helps us to regulate our sleep and wake cycle), and allow you to enjoy the cooler weather the season provides. Winter exercise can be as simple as walking the neighborhood in the evening to see all the holiday lights or ice skating at the local rink.

Tune in to your body 

The concept of “tuning in” can be applied in many areas of life, especially in the holiday season. Tuning in can look like checking in before a meal can help to identify how hungry you are for a meal, what foods are most appealing in that moment, and help gauge what choices you make. However, tuning in can also provide insight into when you need a nap, a night in, or when moving your body would feel great.

After a long evening of wrapping gifts, you may notice feeling very stiff, which is a clue some stretching or movement would feel great. An energy dip could be remedied with some physical activity to get your heart rate up. These small acts of kindness to yourself will help you honor what your body needs as well as prevent overindulging in behaviors just because “it’s that time of year”. Learn more in our 6 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating blog.

Try indoor activities

Winter is a great opportunity to give indoor activities a try. Whether it is trying out a new fitness studio (many off a discounted rate for a one month trial) or checking out YouTube videos for an exercise routine that fits in your schedule and that you can do in your living room! Moving your body will help to reduce stress and dedicate some moments you are taking for yourself.

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Staci Belcher, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

As Farmview's Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Staci teaches clients to optimize their health through actionable, realistic steps. She takes a holistic approach to behavior change and works to teach clients how to create habits that fill their plate, calm their mind, and nourish their body. Staci is passionate about local, real food, a great yoga class, and an iced coffee on a hot summer day.