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Homesteading Waiting to Happen: The New Farmview Schoolhouse Class!


homesteadingHave you ever dreamed of raising food for your family on a few acres away from the hustle of every day? Do you fancy yourself with a few goats or sheep and a dairy cow and some chickens for farm-fresh eggs? Maybe you want to nurture a hive of bees and collect honey to sweeten your life? Perhaps you're ready to start homesteading!

Homesteading waiting to happen!

On March 11th, Farmview Schoolhouse invites all future and current homesteaders to experience a morning with Mark Tewksbury, one of Morgan County's most self-reliant individuals. The group will spend time touring his 16.9 acre homestead and learning about the day-to-day work on the land. Mark and his wife Carol own and nurture into a lifestyle that is simple, challenging, and, ultimately, rewarding.

homesteadingMr. Tewksbury loves the land and the lifestyle that goes with it. He doesn't call himself a homesteader, but he wears overalls and uses draft horses to work the earth. These skills are perfect for homesteading! His chickens provide eggs; his sheep provide meat, and a single cow provides milk, which his wife churns into butter using a blender.

Mr. Tewksbury says he's not a public speaker, but ask him about the circa 1940s horse-powered grain drill in his barn which he uses to plant oats in his fields to raise to feed his livestock.

Ask Him

homesteadingAsk him about his work training his horses, Sue and Lou, and about his rescue dog, Olivia, who supervises everything but asks for little. Ask him about his constant work against weeds in his garden areas, gardens that yield food for both harvesting and preserving. Ask him about the seasons, and what to plant when, and why.

He's ready to talk with those who want to learn about living closer to the earth, with those who might dream of 5 acres and a garden. And with those who want to have a single dairy cow or five laying hens for fresh eggs every day.

Mark Tewksbury is a local treasure. He's spent his life learning, and he's eager to share his stories, experiences, and knowledge with you. If you yearn to know more about the life and lifestyle of a homesteader, register today for this exclusive Farmview Schoolhouse experience.