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Cheeky Maiden Soap | Handmade Soap Supplied at Farmview


Farmview is preparing the new marketplace for our Grand Opening! As the big date approaches, our crew has been steadily setting up all of our amazing merchandise. We scoured the state to bring you the best organic or locally sourced goods and, in our search, we’ve found some pretty amazing things along the way. And, we want to share some of the stories behind our products. First, a company that we’ve fallen in love with, Cheeky Maiden Soapy Co.

Founded by Cassie Carter, Cheeky Maiden is a charming addition to our market. Based in Atlanta, Cheeky Maiden prides itself on hand-making every single bar of soap, lip balm, laundry detergent, and deodorant they can. Cassie also uses her talents to raise funds and awareness for orphaned children around the world. We caught up with Cassie and asked her to share some of her inspirations and favorite products too!

What made you decide to start making soap?

I have always enjoyed handmade soap and body care products; they are so much better for your skin (which is your body’s largest organ).  I wanted to provide people with a good quality product that was affordable and safe for the entire family.  The market is saturated with “natural” products that are anything but natural.  Our customers know the products they enjoy from Cheeky Maiden Soap Co. are natural and it is not something they ever have to worry about. I grew up on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma and I have always had a passion for "homegrown," especially when I was the one growing it.

We love your handmade items. How important is hand-making these products to you?

Hand-making our products is very important to me. It’s an intimate process, measuring and making sure everything is correct every single time. That doesn’t mean I don’t mess up from time to time. I like working with my hands and being involved in every step of the process from creation to presentation and packaging. Being involved in the entire process ensures the quality of our products and when errors do occur sometimes it leads to a beautiful new handmade soap (or deodorant, or bath bomb)!

What is your favorite product from Cheeky Maiden?

The laundry detergent is by far my favorite item. You hear about stories where companies are able to help folks in need - pay their bills, stock their fridge, help with expenses, etc. I have always wanted to help and make an impact in other peoples lives and the laundry detergent allows us to give back. All of the proceeds-that’s right! 100% of the proceeds from the laundry detergent go to benefit orphans. We either sponsor a family who is trying to adopt a baby or we send the proceeds to Children’s Hope Chest, who establish a CarePoint for children in Swaziland, Africa.

I also really, really like the lip balm!

cheeky maiden soap


We love that you’re an Atlanta-based company. Do you use local ingredients in your soaps?

I enjoy supporting local businesses so ingredients that we can purchase locally we most definitely do. Partnering with local business and farms has been so much fun. Right now we are making a couple different goats milk soaps for Two by Two Farms in Powder Springs, Ga. We are also partnering with Banjo Cold Brew Coffee to make a coffee soap with their leftover grounds.  Castle Rock Honey beeswax is in our deodorant, lip balm and lotion sticks. If I can’t find the item locally then I try to source as many ingredients from the U.S. We also grow a lot of our own ingredients which is always fun and exciting.

What is your inspiration in creating your Cheeky Maiden handmade soap and other products?

We like to make things we like and use. It is a lot of fun to spend time experimenting with new items. A lot of the time we have customers ask us for a particular item (household cleansers, scrubs, chamois stick etc.) and we just go from there.

What’s your process when you’re designing a new product?

We spend a lot of time experimenting and testing new products. Family and friends become our guinea pigs and give us lots of great feedback. We also look at the cost involved. We always want to provide a great product that is reasonably priced. I have bought soap in the past and spent so much money that you don’t want to use it. I also like to think and experiment with our essential oils. We try not to use more than 3 essential oils in a product because then it just becomes label candy and you don’t really benefit from the oils since they are so diluted or in such a small quantity.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

We have exciting things coming in 2016: All-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, dog soap, essential oils, chamois stick, anti-chlorine lotion, sunscreen, new mamma packages, and dish detergent!

Isn’t she charming? Farmview Market is so excited to welcome Cheeky Maiden Soap Co. and all of our amazing suppliers. To learn more about Cassie Carter and Cheeky Maiden Soap Co. and to learn how you can support Children’s Hope Chest, be sure to visit the Cheeky Maiden website here. And, stay updated on our progress in the market by visiting our Facebook and Instagram pages.