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Farmview Market Launches Education Program


Farmview Schoolhouse LogoFarmview Market, which focuses on selling local farm-to-table products and generating economic value for local farmers, is adding an education program to its retail environment for locally sourced and Georgia Grown products.

Morgan County citizen Angelina Bellebuono has been tapped to lead the new program as its education coordinator. “Farmview wants to create an education community hub where we can exchange ideas and build awareness for what it means to be connected to the earth,” said Bellebuono. 

Bellebuono is uniquely qualified for the job. She spent nine years teaching middle school and high school students English literature and creative writing. She also has had an award-winning career in journalism, winning countless awards for her photography and writing. She is also an artist and lives an agricultural life as a goat mistress.

The education program fits perfectly with Farmview’s mission to operate from a desire “to inspire our friends and communities to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.”

Bellebuono said, Farmview is creating a Farmview School House from the ground up and are cultivating a host of topics and building a database of teachers for workshops, lectures and classes.

Educational offerings address the topics of wellness, nutrition, hobby farming, homesteading, cooking, gardening, food growing, harvesting, canning and preserving.

Bellebuono said the first classes started this summer called Breaking down the Yard Bird and was hosted inside Farmview Market.

“We want people to live richer lives,” says Bellebuono. She says this can be done at Farmview by fostering awareness and cultivating an understanding of a life rooted in the Earth. Her motto for the program: Learn. Grow. Flourish.