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Reviving Food: The Farm to Table Movement


If you’re a fan of Farmview, or have just pursued our blogs from time to time, you’ll have heard all about our commitment to the Farm to Table movement. But, what is farm to table? It’s seems like such a simple concept; the farmer grows my food, sends it to my grocery store, and then I buy it. And, before the industrialization of the food system, every family experienced this. But, over time, the rise of large scale productions called for more added preservatives and artificial ingredients into our foods, so that the food would last longer during shipping and have a longer shelf life in mega grocery stores. Soon, our foods became processed, adulterated, and packaged, and we, as the consumers, grew further away from the raw product.

farm to tableThis divide, between the producer and the consumer, is the reason the farm to table movement is so important. It works its way through all areas of the food system, from production and transport, to preparation and end consumer. The idea of farm to table is nothing new in itself. It’s more a revival of real food. It is bringing people closer to their food again and giving them a newfound appreciation and understanding of what it takes to produce good quality food. The farm to table movement helps to educate consumers about sustainable practices and locally sourced foods.

One of the coolest things about the farm to table concept is that you are able to try things that the commercial food system can’t provide. In fact, with the recent rise in farm to table restaurants, chefs can bring seasonal and unique foods directly to your table. Chefs create everything from fried squash blossoms and pickled watermelon radishes to heritage pork and locally produced cheeses drizzled with local wildflower honey. It is always a treat to see what new seasons will bring to the menu.

farm to tableSo, now that you’ve read how important the farm to table movement is to you, how can you become a part of it? It’s as easy as stepping through the Farmview doors. Our marketplace is stocked with everything your normal grocery store would have, but it’s all from local sources and always in season. Then, step over to our Café and try some delicious farm to table inspired recipes, created by our Chef Jeff. Taste the difference in locally sourced, organic, and fresh ingredients, all with Farmview!