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Farmview Schoolhouse: Adult Classes in Session for August


It’s August. And you’re a grown-up.
adult classes

No new outfit for the first day of school. No rides with your best friend on the school bus. No awesome backpack. And no yummy lunch packed with love by mom.

But don’t despair!

At Farmview Schoolhouse, we guessed that you might be missing your back-to-school days, so for our August calendar, we found amazing teachers to share exciting hands-on opportunities certain to help you learn, grow and flourish. All the fun, without detention!

Check out our new line-up of August adult classes.

adult classesFor those who find the back-to-school workload a bit to hectic (grocery-getters and laundry-managers, we’re talking to you!), the August adult classes kick off with an exciting foray into meal-planning with Lori Smith of Double L Ranch. In this workshop on August 8, you’ll learn Lori’s techniques and strategies on knowing how to plan, prepare, and store make-ahead meals that work for your family. You will go home with an easy-to-follow plan for two weeks of meals, a shopping list, and Lori’s tried and tested game plan for getting it all done!

adult classesWe are excited to welcome back Farmview Culinary Butcher John Stapleton for his popular class, Pasta-Making 101, on August 23. Under his guidance, you’ll learn how to take flour, water and eggs and transform them into fresh, tender fettuccine and pappardelle. Pasta out of a box will never taste the same after enjoying fresh handmade pasta. To top off the experience, John will demonstrate how to create a rich, velvety butter sauce with roasted local tomatoes and fresh herbs from the Farmview garden. You will leave with new skills, recipes and pasta to cook and enjoy at home!

wellness teasOn August 12, award-winning tea maker, Andi Biron of Biron Herbal Teas offers an afternoon experience on tea-blending. She will discuss the art and science behind creating unique tea blends that not only taste wonderful, but also help heal and nourish your body. She’ll include a lesson on balancing herb blends with key herbs, supporting herbs and balancing herbs. Once you learn the details, Andi will guide you through the process of creating your own digestive blend to take home. Offered on a Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m., this workshop and a lunch in the Farmview Café would make a perfect girls’ day out!

adult classesThe herb studies continue on August 24 in a workshop perfect for the budding herbalist or the health-conscious parent. In Herbal Salve 101, Mandi-Yates Elwood will teach you all about the healing properties of common native and garden herbs before explaining the two common methods of infusing oils with herbs, the solar and water bath. As part of the experience, you will handcraft your own herbal salve to take home as well as new knowledge and resources for your own herbal handcrafting.

adult classesIf you need a place to plant some of those healing herbs, don’t miss artisan Jim Rowland’s workshop August 17 on making a hypertufa planter! Hypertufa is a cement and aggregate substance and can be effectively molded into beautiful planters suitable for any setting, and Jim’s class will give you the chance to craft your very own planter for use at home. He supplies all the materials and instruction, and all you have to do is show up!

Sign up for these adult classes early (and often)!

You might be too old for the school bus, but you’re not too old to learn at Farmview Schoolhouse. Just remember to register early for our adult classes, since each class has both a minimum and maximum student requirement.

If you can’t wait to start on your own learning journey, be sure to add these classes to your calendar! We are excited to meet you in the Schoolhouse classroom. Don’t miss the chance to learn, grow and flourish with us!