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Farmview Farmers Profile: Meet Madison's CCG Produce


ccg produce Farmview Market would be nothing without the support of our local community and our suppliers. And, we think that they deserve some high praise! Each month, we are going to be featuring our favorite Farmview Market suppliers, to thank them for their support. We also want you to take a peek behind the scenes (so to speak) of where your Georgia Grown food really comes from.

This month, we’re featuring a very local farm for our Farmer’s Profile; introducing CCG Produce (Country Cabin Gardens Produce)! This family-owned farm got its start in 2007, when the Dodd family moved to Madison, Georgia. Rodney (or, Mr. Scott as he prefers to be known) and his wife Pam founded CCG Produce with little more than 10 acres of Georgia farmland, some strawberries, and the need to create something that lasts.

The Dodd’s originate from Cordell, Georgia where Mr. Dodd’s grandfather taught him to farm. Dodd grew restless and wished to travel the world! He enlisted in the Navy and served for several years. He returned to Georgia to start a family of his own and soon began making plans. He and his wife decided to plant some roots in Madison.

ccg produceBoy, did they! By 2013, CCG Produce was producing bushels of luscious strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. Their next step was creating a “Pick Your Own Berries” business, which really flourished.

Now, CCG Produce comprises more than 20 acres! The dynamic team have expanded their property to include a “tunnel”, or covered bed for their berries, a greenhouse, and rows upon rows of raised beds! Pam and Rodney have no plans to slow down and take it easy, either. It used to be all about the berries, but not anymore. The Dodd’s have plans to add heirloom tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, heirloom grapes and peas to their repertoire. An herb garden is also in the works, which will produce fresh basil, cilantro, chives and more.

“I always strive to get things right,” says Dodd.

ccg produce With all this success, and exciting plans on the horizon, Farmview Market is thrilled that CCG Produce has chosen our marketplace as THE location to sell their strawberries. When we asked Mr. Scott how he felt about working with Farmview, he said that he was very pleased indeed.

“Farmview was a boom. We are very pleased with the relationship between Farmview and CCG Produce. All the guys are friendly and helpful and we just enjoy visiting.”

The best part is that our market is so close to CCG Produce that they can pick the strawberries right off the vine one morning, and have it on the shelves at Farmview the same afternoon.

This spring, visit Farmview Market to sample some of CCG Produce’s delicious strawberries for yourself! We’d like to thank CCG Produce for allowing us to feature their incredible story.