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Our Story

It all started out with a small garden—and a big dream.

Rock House Farm & Creamery

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Connecting Farm to Family


Our goal is to break the mold when it comes to local food retail. We have carefully curated a unique collection of the very best local and regional products from top-notch suppliers in Georgia and throughout the Southeast.

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Nutrition & Wellness

We’re proud to offer vitamin and mineral supplements as well as homeopathic healing products in our wellness section. We believe that good health starts with the food you eat. But we sometimes need a little help from vitamins and trace minerals to get everything our bodies need.

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Butcher Shop

Our butcher shop and offers only the highest quality butchered goods. Along with primal cuts, we offer various sausages, smoked and cured meats, and pre-prepared entrees that are sold ready to throw on the grill or in the oven.

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Specialty Grocery

Our grocery items are a mix of local and unique, health-conscious options. Our emphasis is on minimally processed products that don’t contain artificial preservatives and sweeteners, focusing on foods that are simple, clean, and straightforward.

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At Farmview, we’re proud to offer a variety of Artisan Craft items.

In our desire to help you build a well-rounded home, we source unique and locally made artisan wares. From soaps, candles, and laundry detergent, to handwoven dishtowels, pottery and cutting boards, we’re certain you’ll find your perfect addition.