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Unique Selections for National Peanut Butter Lovers Day


national peanut butter lovers dayHello peanut butter lovers! Today, March 1st, marks National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day. Being the top peanut producer in the country, Georgia is famously known for our peanut crops. And what better way to celebrate this day than by highlighting our locally sourced, Georgia grown peanut butter varieties! Before we fill you in on our freshly stocked nut butter blends, read more about the origin and history of peanut butter as well its great health benefits.

According to a history piece in the Huffington Post, the idea of peanut butter dates back to the Aztec era. The Aztecs mashed roasted peanuts into a paste to make a very primitive version of the delicious creamy treat we know and love today. It seems that many people have been credited with the creation of modern peanut butter, including George Washington Carver, who found 300 different uses for peanuts.

In 1884, Canadian inventor Marcellus Gilmore Edson patented peanut paste, to be then followed by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (creator of Kellogg’s Cereal) in 1895 by patenting a process of making peanut butter from raw peanuts. It was at this time that peanut butter was first promoted for being a great, natural source of protein.

Not only is peanut butter a tasty source of protein, it also contains potassium, healthy fats and oils, and Vitamin E. It is also a natural source of niacin (Vitamin B3), which is good for brain health, mental focus and retaining memory. Peanut butter has also been found to help with heart health and cardiovascular function, as well as preventing gallstones.

No wonder this smooth, nutty butter is a household staple! And now that our market is open, we have several brands of organic peanut butter and other nut butter varieties, such as almond, cashew, pecan, maple, pumpkin, coconut, sesame tahini and more!

Stop by the market and try one of the great local brands we supply at the market:

  • Lulu's Peanut Butter

  • NaturAlmond

  • Georgia Grinders Cashew Butter

  • Oak Creek Farms

  • Ellis Brothers Pecans We're Nuts

  • Woodstock Farms Manufacturing

  • Merrilily Gardens

  • Rewis Farms

  • Once Again Nut Butter

  • Shady Maple Farms

  • Earth Balance

With all of these uniquely made nut butters to choose from, enjoy National Peanut Butter Lovers Day with us and surf our selections of butters and jellies to make your next PB&J— with a twist!