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Today Is Ag Hero Day. Thank A Farmer.


How many of you know that March 21st is Ag Hero Day?  In fact, how many of you were aware that this entire week is Georgia Agricultural Awareness WeekIf you aren’t raising your hand, let us enlighten you. 

Ag Hero day celebrates the hard work and dedication of our local farmers and agricultural workers. If you love to sink your teeth into a juicy burger covered with melting cheese, crunchy lettuce and a juicy tomato, well then you have more than one farmer to be thankful for today.

Farming is back-breaking work with long hours, fear about too much or too little rain and other things beyond your control. Being a farmer is often a calling and is not for everyone. The work can be extremely rewarding and it can also be thankless, with many of us having no idea where our food comes from beyond the grocery store.

Farming is a family affair, and farmers usually work the land over generations with their parents and siblings. It is not uncommon to meet farmers where the knowledge and skills have been passed down from parent to child over the years.

There is also a new crop of farmers who have been pulled back from grinding city life with thoughts of eating a farm fresh tomato in a field with juices running down their chins. Young and energetic, they are motivated to connect to the earth and feed people in their communities.

Farmview Market celebrates Georgia farmers today and every day. Whether it’s our award-winning chocolate milk from Rock House Creamery or a delicious plate of shrimp and grits, Farmview is proud to support our local farmers and artisans who are producing delicious foods. Check out the featured farmers below. We appreciate all our Ag Heroes!

Brandon Chonko at Grassroots Farms

Reidsville, GA.  Pasture-raised poultry: chickens, ducks, turkeys, and laying hens

Driven by his passion for wanting clean food for his family. Learned about farming by observing others, tirelessly researching, and trial and error, and is sure there is always more to learn. Wants people to know that he puts his heart and soul into everything they produce. He feels good about the meat that comes off his farm; food that comes from animals who have a good life- food he can stand behind and serve to his family.

Larry and Lori Smith at Double L Ranch

Gordon, GA. Produce, jellies and jams and eggs

This family operated, sustainable farm started with passersby asking for fresh produce and eggs, and has grown to a full-fledged operation offering numerous value-added products in addition to fresh produce and eggs. Larry and Lori are staples at the seasonal Farmers Market at Farmview.
"We firmly believe in Know your Farmer, Know your Food. The quicker the produce gets to your table from the field, the healthier it is for you!"

Thank a Farmer Double L Ranch

Jim and Carolyn Markley at CJ Orchards

Rutledge, GA. Peaches, blueberries, pecans and tomatoes

Has a firm belief in allowing a peach to ripen properly and treating yourself to one that is “lean-over-the-sink-because-the-sweet-goodness-drips-down-your-chin-and-you-don’t-care” fabulous.  Grocery store peaches are picked before they’re ripened, which is why places like CJ Orchards have such a loyal following. They offer (10) varieties of yellow flesh peaches and try to only pick what they will sell each day.

Bruce Lovin at Lovin Farm Produce

Greensboro, GA. Produce 

Lovin Farm raises a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables during the spring and summer. Bruce offers fresh quality produce at an affordable price! Bruce is a regular at the Farmers Market at Farmview. Stop by and meet Bruce at our Saturday market.

The Boy and the Dog Beef

Rutledge, GA. Pasture-raised Angus and Wagyu Beef

The guys believe that happy cattle make delicious beef and they work hard to ensure the well-being of their cattle and their customers. They are driven by their mission to educate consumers on the importance of eating locally and are young farmers who hope to encourage young people to become involved with agriculture.

Our mission at Farmview Market is to bring local, seasonal foods back into the local communities and provide opportunities for local farmers who are our heroes every day. Join us and thank a farmer today!

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