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New Spring Crops in Season | Upcoming Farmers Market


Spring is the season of renewal and new life. We’ve all noticed the gorgeous flowers and greenery already in bloom. Now, for you allergy sufferers, we understand the urge to run inside and take cover! But remember, with all that pollen comes new, seasonal spring fruits and vegetables for you to enjoy both inside and out. Check out Farmview Market’s current additions to our produce section, and what to look for at our upcoming farmers market, just in time for spring!

Farmview Market has recently restocked our fruits and vegetables with an abundance of local spring selections. Our market is bursting with ripe, red tomatoes, varieties of mushrooms, organic celery and squash, as well as russet and baby red potatoes. We have apples, organic blueberries, and the biggest strawberries you’ve ever seen.

upcoming farmers market

Oranges are also still on our list for spring fruits and have we got a variety! Try adding some of our Valencia orange slices to your next salad! Speaking of salad, our vegetables are farm fresh and picked at peak times to bring you the best flavor.

Also, be sure to try some our our organic Swiss chard, collards, Bibb lettuce or the ever popular super food, kale, as a salad base.


And don't forget to add our red onions, beets, mint or parsley to your salads or entrees for some incredible spring flavor.

Best of all, these fruits and vegetables are found at our market! Spring on into the Farmview Market today and choose from some of the season’s best in fruits and vegetables.

And, make sure you come visit us on April 30th for our Grand Opening and first day of our open air farmers market. We will have events going on throughout the day. We will be open 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Make sure to visit the Farmers Market from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. for a selection of the freshest fruits and vegetables our region has to offer.