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A Cut Above the Rest: Local Artisanal Butcher Selections


The popularity of artisan-made goods signals our increasing desire for quality over quantity, which has fueled a resurgence in age-old professions – like butchering fresh meats! Farmview Market is one of the state’s only full-service, traditional butcher shops. 

Passionate about the proteins Farmview sources and the art of butchering, the Farmview butcher team breaks down whole animals, start to finish. The finished product then goes out front to line the shelves of the awe-inspiring meat cases you see when you first enter the market. All Farmview meats are hormone-free and steroid-free and are said to have the best flavor by many of our customers.

Butchered meat selections take about two days to reach the market after they leave the farm. Once they are received, they are hung and dry-aged for a minimum of two weeks. Dry aging allows the natural enzymes in the meat to break down the muscle tissue, resulting in improved texture and flavor. This way, the process guarantees the freshest and most flavorful cut of meat.

The Butcher Shop loves to take special requests, also. Whether you’re looking to feed an entire party or just your family, the Butcher Shop can arrange and prepare special cuts of meat for pickup. To place a special request, email Jeffrey, one of our Butcher Shop team members, at

With newly installed open-air coolers, guests can shop cuts of meat by the pound. Plus, pair it with bi-weekly specials, and you can get up to $4 off per pound! You can view the specials each week here.

Some of the Farmview Market Butcher Shop suppliers include Rock House Farm in Leesburg, Springer Mountain Farms in Blue Ridge, Joyce Farms in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and Heritage Farms Chesire Pork in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

In addition to fresh cuts of beef, pork, and chicken, the Farmiew Market artisanal butcher makes a large variety of house-smoked sausage like Chorizo, German sausage, Hot Breakfast links, Andouille, and much more. Farmview also offers its own line of fresh beef jerky in a variety of flavors. Farmview’s jerky is natural, with so few preservatives that it must remain refrigerated. 

The Farmview Butcher Shop also carries fresh seafood and ready-to-cook entree items like parmesan-crusted chicken, pecan-crusted chicken, kabobs, and more.

Stop in and shop with us! You’ll see why our fresh meats are a topic of local conversation.