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Introducing the Big Green Rooster!


Farmview is famous for its support of local vendors and farmers. This is due to our belief that supporting local merchants, our community benefits in numerous ways. Recently, we decided to spread our influence and support to the art community, by collaborating with some local businesses.

The Farmview front yard was looking a little bare and needed something fun, festive and colorful to welcome our guests. Naturally, we hired our neighbors and good buddies Great Estates Landscaping to help us create the most artistic centerpiece we could craft, with a Farmview twist of course! Our inspiration came, on a cold winter’s night, from our very own Farmview logo. Thus, our Big Green Rooster was born!

Big Green RoosterOur art project began in a warehouse, where our rooster began to take shape. The first step was to create a wooden frame and outline. Next, Great Estates Landscaping suggested a special, weather proof material to craft the rooster out of. The weather in Madison, Georgia may be unpredictable, but the Big Green Rooster will be able to withstand it!

Plus, the material was able to be painted whatever color we could think of. But, only one color would do. The Big Rooster was painted our very own Farmview green, to match our recognizable logo. In the end, our Big Green Rooster stands at 12” tall!

But, our rooster was missing something. Our art had the color and impact we were after, but what about that famous Farmview twist? Great Estates stepped in again and told us of a fantastic addition. Great Estates Landscaping is your local Christmas Décor vendor and they specialize in creating lighting designs and displays for both residential and commercial properties.

Gig Green RoosterChristmas Decor only uses the highest quality lighting decorations and are always ahead of the technology trends. Christmas Décor by Great Estates Landscaping hooked our rooster up with incredible LED lights (500 individual lights surround our Big Green Rooster!), and the lights are controlled and managed online!

Christmas Décor was able to program our LED lights so that each light can be easily changed and have the capability to be any color we please. Literally every light in the strand could be a different color, all thanks to Christmas Décor!

This art piece was definitely a collaborative effort from our friends at Great Estates. Without their knowledge and know-how, our rooster would never have been able to be lit. Now, our Big Green Rooster shines brilliantly, thanks to the LED light technology that only Christmas Décor can provide.

If you need a little holiday help with your decorations, definitely consider Christmas Décor by Great Estates Landscaping, your local vendor. Whether you need to deck the halls of your home or trim the trees for your commercial properties Christmas Décor has everything to create your custom winter wonderland.

Come see the Christmas Décor by Great Estates Landscaping and our Big Green Rooster art piece, only at Farmview.