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Create the Georgia-Grown Grilled Cheese of Your Dreams


Farmers market


A homemade grilled cheese sandwich is the ultimate comfort food. There are so many variations on the traditional grilled cheese, there’s sure to be a recipe that perfectly fits your flavor profile! At Farmview Market, we carry a large variety of locally sourced products that can help you create the creamy Georgia-Grown grilled cheese sandwich of your dreams.

October 15th marks National Cheese Curd Day, and if you need a comforting meal for that middle-of-the-month slump, we’ve got just the recipe for you! Our favorite way to dress a grilled cheese sandwich is with locally sourced H&F bread, Udderly Cool dairy farmer's cheese, and delicious Farmview bacon. These three things are all you need to create a heavenly grilled cheese sandwich from Georgia-Grown offerings! Don’t take our word for it, stop by to pick up the ingredients for this southern-inspired sandwich today.

If you’d like to learn more about the other dreamy cheese products available at Farmview Market, check out Rock House Creamery and their new line of local dairy products, they are now offering tours on-site at their facility in Newborn. Click here to register. We carry their local cheese products, such as fresh Fromage Cheese Spread, and Clack's Cheese Curds.

Other fantastic products that we carry for a unique grilled cheese creation include varieties of local pepper jellies, pimento cheese spread, fromage spread, as well as a large selection of sauces and seasonings. Once you’ve selected the ingredients at Farmview Market for the world’s best grilled cheese sandwich, be sure to share yours on social media with us! We’d love to see what you come up with.

Farmview's Georgia-Grown Grilled Cheese


2 Slices             White/wheat bread (we use local H&F White bread)
1                            Granny smith apple, julienne/shredded in food processor
3 oz.                    Sharp cheddar, feather shredded
1 oz.                     Udderly Cool Dairy Farmer's cheese, shredded
2 slices              Bacon
1 oz.                     Butter, melted


Cook bacon until desired doneness, we cook it crispy. Melt butter, set aside.

Shred all cheese, set aside.

Using a hand mandoline, shred apples, matchstick size.

Spread butter on slices of bread.

Using a hot pan, on medium heat or a panini press set on medium heat, place one side of bread in the pan or on the panini press. Add both cheddar and farmer’s cheese, apples, and bacon on top of bread.

Place second piece of bread on top and press down.  If in pan, grill until lightly browned and flip over; continue grilling until cheese is melted.