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Farmview Market Supports a Sustainable Food Economy


Just off Eatonton Road in Madison, Georgia, there's a hidden gem that goes beyond the traditional grocery shopping experience. Farmview Market stands as a beacon of support for the local food economy, offering a unique blend of locally grown foods, handmade crafts and goods, and a commitment to fostering a sense of community.

Embracing Local Agriculture

One of the standout features of Farmview Market is its dedication to supporting local farmers and growers. In the produce department, the shelves are filled with an array of fresh produce, sourced directly from nearby farms.

From plump, juicy tomatoes to crisp, colorful bell peppers, the market prides itself on providing customers with the freshest seasonal offerings, often picked at the peak of ripeness. By prioritizing local agriculture, Farmview not only ensures quality but also plays a crucial role in sustaining regional farming communities.

Locally Sourced Meats and Dairy

The Butcher Shop showcases a wide variety of cuts sourced from nearby farms, such as Rock House Farm (Leesburg, Georgia) and Springer Mountain Farms (Northeast Georgia). Customers can choose from grass-fed, grass-finished beef, seafood, and artisanal sausages (such as those from Rock House Farm) confident in the knowledge that their purchases support local farmers.

As well, Farmview Market boasts an assortment of cheeses, milk, and other dairy products from nearby dairies. Located right down the road, in Newborn, Georgia, Rock House Creamery specializes in creamline milk, artisan ice cream, and a variety of delicious cheeses.

The emphasis on local sourcing not only promotes economic growth in the community but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation. Plus, it means that your dairy and meat are as fresh as possible and better for you.

Artisanal Goods and Handcrafted Products

Beyond the grocery aisles, Farmview Market offers a curated selection of artisanal goods and handcrafted products. From homemade jams and preserves to locally roasted coffee, the market celebrates the creativity and craftsmanship of local entrepreneurs. Customers can explore a treasure trove of unique items, each with a story and a connection to the community.

Made by local artisans and crafters, the new Home & Gifting section at Farmview Market is a testament to the community's vibrant creativity. Offering gifts and goods for all ages, Farmview invites customers to explore a diverse range of items that capture the essence of local craftsmanship. Delight the little ones with vibrant handmade sidewalk chalk. For those seeking a touch of sophistication, discover unique stationary and pottery made in nearby Watkinsville, Georgia.

Farm-to-Table Dining Experience

To go even a step further, Farmview is a destination for those seeking a true farm-to-table experience. The market's cafe & Chef’s Farm Table showcase a menu crafted with the same dedication to quality and local ingredients. Visitors can enjoy southern-inspired meals and sides followed by a sweet treat from the Ice Cream Shop.

Community Events and Engagement

Farmview isn’t just a place to buy groceries—It's a community hub that fosters connection. From the open-air Farmers Market each weekend to seasonal events, such as Spring Fest or Ag Fest, the Market actively works to connect the community of Madison with local growers and creators alike.