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Farmview Market: A Guide to Goodness


There are so many amazing products available from the Farmview Market. We have everything you could ever eat, from fresh seafood to organic chocolate! As a matter of fact, our Market has so many options that it can sometimes make your head spin. So, we’ve devised a handy-dandy guide to all that is Farmview. If you need organic laundry detergent, we have that. How about coffee that’s been roasted locally? Don’t worry, we have that too.  And, Farmview Market is announcing that we will soon be able to accept both EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) and food stamps.  It’s all part of our commitment to providing sustainable options in food and empowering every customer to live their best and most healthy life. Now, onto the guide!

farmview marketFirst stop, the Butcher Shop! Step up to the glass counters and find every kind of protein you’ll need, and some you may never have heard of. We stock a delicious selection of locally sourced steaks, ribs, chicken, and seafood, through our partnership with Revere Meat Co. Some top picks to lookout for:

  • A selection of UGA grass-fed beef, raised in Eatonton, Georgia

  • Freshly caught Sweet Georgia Shrimp

  • Hand-made stuffed meatballs

Now, head over to our completely organic Produce Section. Take a look at the splendid selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and organic juices. Seriously! Our fruits and vegetables come directly from our local farmers (Hundred Acre Farm and Belly Acres Farm, to name a few) and are always seasonal. This is a reflection of our commitment to sustainability. Our favorites, for fall, include:

  • A selection of apples, with varieties like Pink Lady and Golden Delicious

  • Fall flavors like pumpkin, squash, and carrots

  • Believe it or not, artichokes! They’re perfectly ripe, right now.

farmview marketNext up, is the Pantry Section. Here is where your imagination takes flight! We can spend hours pursuing the incredible flavor varieties. Have you ever heard of fruit salsa? We stock incredible fruit salsa and highly recommend the blueberry flavor. And, the list goes on from there, with everything from different flavors of honey, dark chocolate, teas, organic snacks, and our grist mill! Stock up on:

  • Georgia wildflower honey

  • Sallie's Greatest simple syrups, in flavors like Strawberry Basil and Blueberry Lavender

  • Kyvan’s Honey Apple salsa

Don’t forget about the Dairy Section! We stock fresh milk and ice cream, and you’ll also find ground coffee, cheeses, and herbs! Like everything in Farmview, our dairy comes to us from Georgia dairy farms. They are also GMO-free and hormone free! Check out:

farmview market Finally, browse through the Health and Wellness Section. Your healthy lifestyle starts with great food, but who says you can’t pamper yourself too? Skincare is an important part of your healthy goals and Farmview has a vast selection of essential oils, candles, and skin care products that are responsibly made and organic! Grab these beauty goodies:

  • Organic laundry detergent from Cheeky Maiden

  • Hand-poured soy wax candles

  • Essential oil rollers

  • Organic baby products

This is just an overview and a guide to our Farmview Market, but there’s plenty more to see! Simply stop in today and see how many new items you can find on our shelves.