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Detox Your Life with Some of Our Favorite Natural Hygiene Products


Treat Your Body Well with Natural Hygiene Products

Treating our bodies well from the outside in is one of the best ways to stay healthy.  Switching to natural and organic hygiene products is a great place to start.

Many mainstream skincare products contain potentially harmful ingredients, toxins and chemicals. Most commercially produced beauty products come packed with artificial colors, fragrances, and preservatives that can easily be absorbed through our skin’s pores, and may cause a range of negative long-term health effects.

Some of the benefits of using natural and organic skincare products are they can reduce skin irritation in people with sensitive skin, they are much kinder to the environment than some commercial products. Ingredients like tea tree oil, argan oil and lavender have been used for centuries and have stood the test of time.

The good news is that there are plenty of natural products to help keep your skin, hair, teeth or nails looking their best without needing to buy expensive and harmful commercial products.

Check out some of our favorites


Moon Organics Deodorant

Natural deodorant that works, made with 100% natural ingredients. Moon Organics’ products are responsibly sourced, ethically created and always cruelty-free. Not satisfied with available commercial products, as a nurse and cancer survivor, Susan Gonzalez, founder of Moon Organics, made it her mission to create a deodorant that was not only safe to use but that works! Available in cream or stick.


Bug Repellent

Blackberry Farmstead Bug Off

Blackberry Farmstead, located in Northeast Georgia, produces premium products made from goat milk and beeswax, along with fresh herbs. We love their natural bug repellent, made with Witch Hazel and a combination of pure essential oils to give our family protection from bugs without the use of DEET or other harsh chemicals. At Blackberry Farmstead, every product is handmade one batch at a time.



Blue Haven Bee Company Nourishing Lotion

Blue Haven Bee Company Handcrafted Products are made in-house utilizing their honey and beeswax. All recipes contain all-natural ingredients hand selected by their team. Beeswax is known for its holistic healing properties and is the main ingredient in their lip balm, bee balm, and body butter. Their products contain lots of vitamin E, which is good for treating damaged, scarred, skin. Plus, this lotion doesn’t have the greasy weight of most lotions!



Cheeky Maiden Breakfast Bar Soap

Cheeky Maiden, based in Atlanta, strives to create handmade products that are safe for the entire family to use. Their thoughtfulness and attention to detail are part of every element of design; from fairly traded, natural ingredients to packaging and presentation. The soaps smell great, are beautiful, and are even good for those with sensitive skin.



Kiss My Face Triple Action Toothpaste

Pioneers in the natural space, Kiss My Face has been around for over 35 years. Since that time, they have expanded to producing over 100 bath and body products sold in 19 countries worldwide. We love their toothpaste, available with or without fluoride and also for kids. Enjoy what they tout as, “Breath Blasting Freshness” and clean, healthy teeth.





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