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Bacon Jalapeno Burger

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6 Luna Hamburger Buns

2 lbs Rock House Farm Ground Beef

2 jalapenos, diced 1/4" small

2 jalapenos, sliced round (for topping)

1 package Backyard Safari Burger Seasoning Mix

1 lb Farmview Market Housemade Bacon

6 slices cheddar cheese

Optional toppings: sliced onion, sliced tomato, lettuce, ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc.


  • Prepare jalapenos. If you’d like your burgers to be less spicy, remove the seeds.
  • In a large bowl, combine ground beef, burger seasoning, and diced jalapenos. Begin to portion out into 6 individual burgers.
  • Once done making the patties, place your thumb in the center of the burger and press down slightly. This indent in your patty will help prevent swelling during cooking.
  • Once shaped and indented, place burger patties into the fridge on a lined baking sheet. Allow them to chill while you prep the grill.
  • Preheat grill to 400F. Once grill is ready, place each burger on and close the lid. After around 10 minutes, flip your burgers. Be sure to monitor your burgers throughout the grilling process to prevent overcooking. Once done, flip and cook for another 5 minutes. Make sure that your burger reaches an internal temperature of 160F.
  • Once the burgers are done cooking, top with cheese and allow them to melt.
  • Remove your burgers from the grill and allow to rest. During this time, cook your bacon in a medium skillet. Once finished, drain bacon grease and set bacon to the side.
  • Assemble your burgers with desired toppings and enjoy!
  • Enjoy!