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Wet It, Rinse It, Repeat

Wet It Swedish Dishcloths are the kitchen tool we didn’t know we needed but can’t live without now! Swedish dishcloths have been around forever—at least in Sweden. In fact, the owner of Wet It, Mathilda Davies, started her small business because she was shocked when she moved to America and couldn’t find anything like the multi-use cleaning cloths she had always used at home.

Wet It Dishcloths take the place of both paper towels and sponges for cleaning and are so versatile you will find dozens of uses for them all over your home. They can also absorb 15 times their weight, which is pretty amazing! Besides day-to-day uses like wiping counters, stopping spills, and washing dishes, Wet It cloths are streak-free and great for use on windows, perfect for polishing metals like chrome or stainless steel, and strong enough to scrub the grates on your stove! Plus, when you get them good and dirty you can throw them in the dishwasher or washing machine—a true bonus and feature we love.

At Farmview Market we are committed to carrying products that align with our values of being good stewards of the earth, so we love that Wet It dishcloths help to reduce paper waste and are completely biodegradable, even using water-based inks. Plus, they are so adorable! Check out our custom Farmview Market Wet It cloths online or in store. Happy cleaning!

Stamped Rooster Swedish Cloth

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Big Green Rooster Swedish Cloth

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