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Southern Straws

A generations old cheese straw recipe with a secret ingredient.

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All in the Family 

Southern Straws, a mother-son bakery, began with a family recipe passed down through generations and an idea to make old-fashioned cheese straws with a fresh twist. Margaret and Neal Amos are a mother-son duo based in Columbus, Georgia making classic cheese straws in a new shape, putting a new spin on a Southern classic. Their delicious bite-sized squares prevent the typical breaking and crumbling in longer cheese straws and make a perfect party food, unique gift, or yummy snack.

Although the company was officially born in 2014, Margaret Amos had been baking her cheese straws as Christmas gifts for friends for 30 years when she decided to turn her hobby into a small business. After leaving her corporate job, she began selling her cheese straws from the back of her car while driving around Georgia looking for boutique shops interested in carrying her product.

The son in this mother-son bakery, Neal, joined after earning a finance degree from University of Georgia, and the two perfected their hand-crafted wafers using premium cheese and real butter. They also include a secret ingredient kept tightly under wraps in the family! We’d love to know, but appreciate their dedication to keeping it a secret.

“These remind me of the cheese straws my grandmother used to make!”

After attending their first wholesale trade show in Atlanta during the summer of 2014, Southern Straws grew quickly with their unique recipe for a nostalgic treat. Margaret says there is no better compliment to her than when someone says “these remind me of the cheese straws my grandmother used to make!”

Southern Straw cheese straws are crispy, flavorful, and addictive, so it’s no surprise they have been recognized as a finalist in the “Flavor of Georgia” food contest. They have also been featured on Georgia Grown TV and are a Bulldog 100 Company, which celebrates the top 100 businesses owned or operated by UGA Alumni.

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