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Rosella Baked Goods

Easy-to-make, sweet potato pancake mix made with organic ingredients. 

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A Sweet Stack

Curtis Cole grew up learning to cook alongside his mother, Rosalie, and grandmother, Ella, in their South Carolina kitchens. His love for cooking and good food continued as an adult and inspired him to open Something’ Fishy, a seafood restaurant in South Carolina. The popular restaurant was a much-loved part of the community for years, with the most popular item on the menu being his famous southern sweet potato hush puppies and sweet potato pancakes. Customers couldn’t seem to get enough of them.

So, Curtis and his son decided to create an easy-to-make mix so people could make them at home! Combining the names of the two women who inspired him early on in the kitchen, Rosella Baked Goods was born in 2013.

"Customer reviews say it all: 'pancake royalty'”

Curtis’ creative use of the humble sweet potato in his pancakes and hush puppies is nothing short of a revelation for creating biscuits, muffins, hushpuppies, and even breakfast fare. Customer reviews say it all: “pancake royalty,” “a treasure,” and “unbelievably good” are some of the enthusiastic accolades they have received since boxing up Curtis’s homemade recipe.

Syrup is optional as the sweet potato adds both savory and sweet notes, and for those on a plant-based diet, the milk and egg can be substituted with water. Either way, your pancakes will be fluffy and delicious, with all organic ingredients and the heart healthy benefits of the sweet potato.

Today, Curtis’ son and daughter-in-law run the company, working to bring these delicious products to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner tables.

Rosella Sweet Potato Pancake Mix
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Rosella Sweet Potato Pancake Mix