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Rock House Farm

Taste the difference of grass-fed, grass-finished beef from our family farm. 

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A Cut Above the Rest

Rock House Farm began in 2005 in Leesburg, Georgia with a mission to provide healthy and great tasting food you can trust. As they have grown over the years to include more products and partner with other farms and artisan producers, the heart of Rock House Farm remains the same: to be good stewards of the land and treat the animals well, raising them with dignity, and finally, to serve their customers well.

“We are proud to be a Georgia grown, family farm specializing in grass-fed and grass-finished beef, Berkshire pork and heirloom grits and cornmeal. We invite you to taste the difference,” shares Keith Kelly, Owner.

Rock House Farm’s grass-fed beef is produced using traditional farming methods with heritage breed cattle raised on the farm from birth or sourced from trusted quality farm partners. No hormones or antibiotics are ever used, and the farm is committed to creating a low-stress environment for cows, as humane treatment both benefits them and creates better tasting beef for customers.

“We are proud to be a Georgia grown, family farm"

A forage specialist visits the farm regularly helping to grow just the right grass to promote flavor and tenderness, and once ready, skilled butchers use minimal processing methods to ensure the freshest burgers, steaks and roasts. Rock House Farm’s cows are uniquely cross-bred between Devon and Angus cattle, with the butcher team carefully selecting the best cuts to highlight the natural flavor of the animal.

Rock House Farm’s hogs are raised in an open environment with both woods and grasses to forage. Pasture-based livestock farming is a renewable method of animal and land management that contributes to greater marbling and darker coloring for the most delicious pork. Berkshire hogs produce a high-quality pork with optimal tenderness, juiciness, and flavor.

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Rock House Farms Grist Mill began with a few handfuls of heritage seed developed in Appalachia in the 1800’s. Today two heirloom corn varieties, Hickory King and Bloody Butcher, are produced in their own mill each day to make fresh and flavorful grits and cornmeal. Whether you are baking or eating them for breakfast, Rock House Farms preservative-free grains have an exceptional taste that can only be cultivated the old-fashioned way.

Rock House Farm makes it easy to choose natural products that are good for both your family and the environment. Taste the Rock House Farm difference today!