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Proper Pepper

Small-batch pimento cheese made in Sandersville, GA

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A Proper Welcome

"I wish I could tell you a sweet story about how my special recipe came from my great grandmother, but my story is different,” Deanna Bibb, founder and owner of Proper Pepper said.

Instead, the recipe that launched Proper Pepper into existence came from a stranger. In 1995, Deanna was new to town and received pimento cheese as a welcome gift from a neighbor. This neighbor would become Deanna’s dear friend, confidant, and inspiration, when she shared her recipe with Deanna.

“I doctored it up a bit to call it my own, and I quickly became known as the queen of pimento cheese,” Deanna said.

Named Proper Pepper because Deanna is confident she knows how to make a proper batch of pimento cheese, and she has the awards to prove it!

In 2015, Proper Pimento Cheese was a Flavor of Georgia award winner, and in 2019, they snagged a third-place ribbon at the American Cheese Society national competition.

Crafting quality takes time, which is why Proper Pepper is only made in small-batches.

Proper Pepper’s success is due in part to its carefully curated ingredients, including Cabot’s naturally aged white sharp cheddar cheese, Duke’s mayonnaise, and a unique blend of roasted red peppers with flavor permeating each bite.

Crafting quality takes time, which is why Proper Pepper is only made in small-batches, using premium white cheddar that they freshly grate.

Try it for yourself! Choose the rich and creamy Classic for the original “proper” experience. If you’re looking for a bit of a kick, opt for Get Back Jack, the flavor that won the Flavor of Georgia award and put Proper Pepper on the map. And if you can't decide, don't worry, we have combo packs too!

Sit down with Deana Bibb!