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Lina Premium Coffee

Sustainable, single-origin coffee from the heart of Colombia's coffee region. 

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From Colombia to Your Cup

Lina Premium Coffee originated in the heart of the Colombian coffee region on a family farm that has been operating for over 75 years. Their mission is grounded in producing the highest quality, single-origin gourmet coffee while sustaining the land it is grown on and supporting the people who make each cup possible.

The coffee itself is named after Lina Madrid, who grew up on her father’s coffee farm in the mountains of Columbia. She was raised smelling those delicious beans every day and working alongside the people harvesting them.

The young girl on the front of the bright blue package is actually Lina herself at age 15 working on her family’s property. Coffee has been the family’s business for three generations now, and Lina is proud to bring her exceptional Colombian coffee to Farmview Market.

All of the Lina Premium Coffees come from family farms nearby Pereria, Colombia where Lina is from. The beans are then roasted and packaged in that community before they are shipped across the globe.

Growing and producing their beans themselves before directly trading to customers is a core value for Lina Premium Coffee, as it allows the company to pay fair wages to employees and to maintain the highest possible standards for their coffee.

"Growing and producing their beans themselves before directly trading to customers is a core value for Lina Premium Coffee"

Lina’s Premium Coffee has received rave reviews from professional coffee tasters as being “bright, bold and balanced,” “a friendly, easy-drinking Columbia cup” and “vibrantly nuanced.” But regular joes will delight in the delicious taste of freshly roasted beans and enjoy a cup of coffee that also gives back to the community in which it was created.

Growing up in the area, Lina saw firsthand how rural farming communities often lack the economic resources for medical and dental care and wanted to create a brand with a purpose for the future of her family’s coffee business.

Furthering her support of her community, Lina’s dental profession has led to the development of the foundation, Fundacion Colina. Today, her foundation helps to support the people of the Colombia coffee region and to grow opportunities for her employees as she grows her business.

Her goal? To provide medical and social well-being to this region and population—the coffee pickers who make it possible for the coffee to reach our cups.