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Grass-fed beef 101

100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef

Flavor and marbling are the main differences between grass-fed and grain-fed beef. Here at Farmview Market, we know grass-fed beef can be just as flavorful and just as tender as grain-fed when raised right.

Read on to learn why Farmview Market insists on delivering the best grass-fed beef to our communities.

It’s Healthy

Grass-fed beef is packed with heart-healthy omega-3s and has less fat than grain-fed beef. We take it a step further, working with forage specialists to grow seasonal grasses that help our cows grow strong while eating what they love.

It’s Flavorful

It starts with selecting the right breeds for the best flavor attributes. We then work with forage specialists to grow grass that promotes the best flavor and tenderness. From there, we harvest at just the right time and use a 28-day dry aging process to ensure the highest quality.

It’s Humane

Our cows are born and raised in pastures, roaming freely their entire lives. We treat our cows with love and respect, making for healthier animals and healthier meat. We are always working diligently to provide you the best eating experience.

It’s Sustainable

Grass requires nothing but sun and water. Unlike with grain-fed beef, we don't need to continually tear up the soil to grow more corn for our cows. Additionally, the manure fertilizes the soil without the need for harsh chemicals.