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Duck Fat Spray

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Not Your Average Non-Stick Spray

Meet one of our favorite new discoveries at Farmview Market: Gourmet Duck Fat Spray. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s similar to the red-topped bottle of non-stick cooking spray we all keep in our kitchen, but much, much better!

Duck Fat Spray does more than just help foods release without sticking, although it does that too. Duck Fat Spray increases the flavor of your food, creates an incredible crust, and—believe it or not—it’s the healthier option!

Instead of being loaded with unpronounceable ingredients, Duck Fat Spray is simply made with all-natural duck fat and contains no added preservatives or artificial preservatives. Using Duck Fat Spray means there is no need to douse your food with unhealthy oils or butter to add flavor. Each spray is about 0.25 grams of product with zero calories. 


But back to the food! Our favorite way to use Duck Fat Spray is to take basic, everyday foods and make them extraordinary. Spray it in your pan before frying eggs or onto sausages before you throw them on the grill. Spray it on chicken before roasting to get a nice golden-brown skin, on potatoes destined to become decadent fries, and on meats to ensure the perfect sear at home. Duck Fat Spray can also be used to make delicious roasted nuts or even at breakfast to coat your griddle when serving up waffles and pancakes.

Not to worry, Duck Fat Spray will not make your food taste like duck—we’ve gotten that question several times! It creates a subtle enhancement in flavor profiles as well as delicious crispy edges on your favorite foods. As the founders of Duck Fat Spray point out, the French have been cooking with duck fat for many years and they know their way around the kitchen. Duck Fat Spray will quickly become your secret weapon for the tastiest food at home! Shop now for yourself or grab one to add to a housewarming gift for a friend. 

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Duck Fat Spray