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Georgia Sourdough Co.

Organic sourdough crackers inspired by grandma's all-natural cooking. 

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The Way Grandma Did It

Georgia Sourdough Co. began with a trip to the supermarket, where Tracy Gribbon noticed the ingredient list on her niece’s crackers was long and virtually unreadable. As an avid cook working in the restaurant industry for 25 years, she knew she could do better. Tracy decided then and there to create her own brand using organic ingredients combined with timeless sourdough techniques to make wholesome and delicious crackers.

Tracy’s recipes are inspired by her grandmother’s cooking and a generation that made fresh, all-natural grain products with simple flour, water, and time. Her love of sourdough stems from the “magic,” as she calls it, of the yeast that creates the good bacteria and makes sourdough easily digestible and full of vitamins and minerals. Although sourdough is certainly more nutritious than regular breads, the taste of Georgia Sourdough Crackers is what will grab you! The tangy flavor pairs well with cheeses and dips, but also suits as a simple snack or a crunchy addition to a charcuterie board.

Tracy still bakes with the same sourdough starter that she has used since the beginning of her small business, adding in delicious extras to make flavorful crackers that fit any occasion. Her Georgia Sourdough Cheese Crackers are often described by fans as “to die for” and contain the perfect mix of parmesan, cheddar and gruyere for a savory, satisfying bite.

"Her love of sourdough stems from the 'magic,' as she calls it, of the yeast."

The lightly salted flavor of her original Sea Salt Crackers is a versatile accompaniment to any table, or for a bolder flavor, try the Everything Cracker coated with poppy and sesame seeds, onion and garlic. Tracy even created an Everything Cracker Seasoning after customers told her they were using the remnants at the bottom of the bag to sprinkle on salads and cheeses!

For a dessert cracker, Tracy’s Cinnamon Sugar crackers hit just the right spot with their not-too-sweet notes. They were inspired again by her grandmother’s kitchen and the leftover pie crust strips she would dust with cinnamon and sugar for Tracy to enjoy as a child.

This Georgia-Grown company is certainly a gem for locally made, healthy snacks for your family or next celebration. And you will absolutely be able to read and understand every ingredient on the back of a Georgia Sourdough Crackers bag!