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Biron Organic Teas

Hand-blended, organic teas crafted to make you feel good from the inside out. 

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A Healing Cup

Andi Biron began making her Biron Organic Teas as a way to share her knowledge of holistic and Ayurvedic medicine and help people live healthier, more balanced lives.

She holds a master’s degree in Alternative Medicine and uses this knowledge to carefully design each of her recipes for a specific therapeutic purpose, ranging from blood sugar control, to anxiety reduction, to increased memory and more.

Andi hand-blends all of the teas herself and creates each recipe from over 150 individual herbs to ensure that the medicinal benefits work perfectly together, but don’t worry, the teas taste amazing too! In fact, Peach Honeybush became such a favorite that Farmview Market Cafe now serves it daily.

Andi loves hearing from customers who are incorporating her wellness teas into their daily lives. People have shared with her that the Cherry Blossom Tea has helped with their arthritis inflammation, students tell her they use Confidence Tea as a study aid, and a woman with Multiple Sclerosis even reported that Biron Worryfree Tea finally helped her get a restful night of sleep.

"Biron Organic Teas are naturally effective because they are made using the whole leaf or herb for maximum therapeutic benefit."

Biron Organic Teas are naturally effective because they are made using the whole leaf or herb for maximum therapeutic benefit. Many teas use either fragments or powders, but Andi believes doing so compromises both effectiveness and flavor.

A few of Biron Organic Teas’ most popular selections include Cherry Blossom, a favorite in Andi’s hometown of Macon where the annual Cherry Blossom Festival is held, and Southern Pecan Green Tea, a nod to Georgia’s famous pecan trees. Biron Worryfree Tea is a top seller as well, especially after winning the Flavor of Georgia contest.

Andi and her husband Roland also have a passion for sustainability in the tea industry. They are leading the way forward in this regard with biodegradable tea bags and with the recyclable pouches that hold the bags. Andi is clearly an expert in her field, and we look forward to watching Biron Organic Teas positively impact her community.