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Back to the Basics 101

Wholesome, straight-from-the-Source food, promoting healing and a healthy life. 

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Food from the Source

Back to the Basics 101 unofficially began over 20 years ago at home, with a mother deciding to take control of her family’s health by serving wholesome and delicious real foods. As part of this mission, Ginger Butts began growing her own fruits and vegetables and eventually milling her own grains as well. She quickly saw tremendous healing for her two boys with respiratory problems and grew more and more passionate about using simple, basic foods that the Lord has provided to make good food choices.

Ginger learned from her own personal experience that health, healing, and abundant life begin at the Source—God—and that when we submit to his wisdom for each part of our life, including what’s on our plate, we will live longer and fuller lives.

The official start of Back to Basics 101 came a few years later when Ginger had an opportunity to partner with the local school system to sell her grains and teach the cafeteria staff how to recreate her home recipes for the students. She loved the experience so much that she knew she wanted to both start a business selling her family’s products and also use that business to educate her community about eating quality foods from local sources.

"Ginger learned from her own personal experience that health, healing, and abundant life begin at the source—God"

Back to the BASICS 101 grew steadily from there. Her husband Johnny grows all of the grains on their farm in Cochran, Georgia, and they are proud to be a Georgia Grown Company. The Back to the Basics 101 product line has expanded to include not only milled grains, but bread and muffin mixes, dessert mixes like apple crisp and brownies, and seasonings for meat and vegetables.

Their must-try Banana Bread Mix was a Finalist in the Flavor of Georgia contest, and Ginger affectionately calls it “the one that put us on the map!” Another popular Back to Basics 101 product is Nutrition in 5, which is a plant-based protein mix that has sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, chia and hemp. It can be added to almost anything—from smoothies, to baked goods to veggie burgers—and is loaded with essential fatty acids often lacking in diets today.

During cold and flu season, the Back to the BASICS 101 Elderberries & More Ultimate Syrup mix supports the immune system with a powerful blend of antioxidants with medicinal properties. Customers swear by it in allergy season as well and love the ease of preparing it on the stove at home.

What started over 20 years ago as a mother trying to serve her family the best foods God has provided, has grown into a thriving company, bridging the gap between wholesome and delicious foods, and pointing others toward the source from which all good health comes.