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Alchemy Spice Company 

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A Seemingly Magical Process

Alchemy Spice Company’s name perfectly describes the mission of their small business based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. They combine all natural, whole spices into delicious seasoning blends that elevate home cooking with the shake of a jar.

Brothers Henry and John Oehmig bought Alchemy Spice Company in 2019, after being longtime fans of the company and realizing they shared a passion for great food and creative flavor combinations. They love owning a small business together, and even brought their mom (who they jokingly call Fairy Spice Mother!) in to help.

The spice experts at Alchemy are constantly grinding spices in small batches to keep each bottle fresh and tasty. Their spices contain all natural ingredients, with no dyes or preservatives, and are handcrafted and mixed to ensure the highest quality product.

Crafting quality takes time, which is why Proper Pepper is only made in small-batches.

Shake on some flavor

Alchemy Spice Company makes a wide range of spices, from single notes like Habanero Salt, to sweet and savory combinations like Mediterranean Blend, Spicy Thai Blend, and Memphis Dry Rub. Bestsellers include their All-American Blend, a smoky trio of paprika, garlic, and peppercorns, which is perfect for grilling meats or seasoning fries, and the Chili Lime Seasoning, which combines chili heat and tart lime to make tacos, popcorn and even fresh fruit sing. At Farmview Market we also carry their Alchemy Fan Favorites Boxed Set which features four of their most popular blends.

Customers describe Alchemy Spice Company seasonings as “amazing” and a “must-have for gourmet cooking.” The Oehmig brothers believe good food brings happiness and connection, and love bringing more of that joy into their customer’s lives. Try some today!

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