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Supplier Profile: Shop Early for the Holidays with Farmview Gift Sets


Welcome to the first full week of Fall 2017! You’ve probably noticed that pumpkins and gourds have made their way into local stores and onto your social media feed for several weeks now. The holiday season is upon us. With just a couple months to prepare, before the major hustle and bustle of the season, planning ahead is a necessity.

We’ve been preparing as well, and keeping you in mind. With our artful assortment of holiday gift sets, Farmview Market has everything you need to give a unique, locally sourced gift for anyone on your list.

gift sets

Georgia Breakfast Sampler Gift Sets

This holiday box is perfect for those morning early birds who can’t wait to start the day’s festivi-teas! The box features an assortment including a soothing blend by Biron Herbal Teas, a delicious Aroma Ridge biscotti, and Farmview Market house-made jelly and coffee, and heirloom non-GMO Hickory King grits.

Southern Snacker Gift Sets

This holiday box made our list after checking it twice because these southern snacks are both nutty and nice. Select this very special variety of Plains Georgia Peanut Brittle, a delicious Ellis Brothers pecan roll, Southern Straws, Chad’s Carolina corn, and Front Porch Pecans for the savory snack-lover in your life.

Wellness Inside & Out Gift Sets

Enjoy a little pampering so you’ll feel your merriest and brightest with this holiday box. Local products such as Blackberry Farmstead soap, lotion, and bug spray, as well as Cheeky Maiden lip balm and dental soap, H.L. Franklin Honey, and Biron Herbal Tea are included in this assortment.


Griller’s Companion Gift Sets

Fire up the grill, and get the hot cocoa ready! A true grill master enjoys the smoky flavors of grilled foods all year. For that special someone who lights your fire, give a gift that keeps on giving with this holiday box featuring a Fire and Flavor cedar plank and skewers, charcoal fire starter, and steak rub, as well as Joe Kem’s BBQ sauce, and Backyard Safari grilled corn seasoning.


Over the coming weeks, we will continue with a series of supplier profiles that cover these special holiday boxes and the local suppliers included in more detail. Look forward to four upcoming articles in October that will highlight holiday box suppliers such as: Aroma Ridge, Plains Georgia Peanut Brittle, Southern Straws, Ellis Brothers Pecans, Chad’s Carolina Corn, Front Porch Pecans, H.L. Franklin Honey, Fire and Flavor, Joe Kem’s BBQ Sauce, and Backyard Safari.

If you wish to purchase one of these four locally-sourced and curated holiday boxes, stay tuned for more information and be sure to check out our upcoming supplier profile articles!