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H.L. Franklin’s Healthy Honey

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More Than Your Typical Jar of Honey

As if we needed another reason to stock more of one of our favorite products at Farmview Market, H.L. Franklin’s Healthy Honey is wowing us with their delicious honeys that feel like both a treat and a treatment!

Why do they call it Healthy Honey? Because honey is widely known to have antimicrobial, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and prebiotics to keep us healthy.

This sweet company makes small batches of 100% raw, pure, and unfiltered honey. H.L. Franklin’s Healthy Honey is never heated like other brands to retain its liquefied state, because the heating process destroys the powerful enzymes and pollen it contains. Owner, Laura Franklin Cooke, is a fifth generation Beekeeper, and likes to remind people that crystallization is natural in honey—in fact, honey is the only product on earth that never spoils. Just another reason to love it!

H.L. Franklin creates more than just your typical jar of honey. Creamed Honey is one of their best sellers and was named a finalist in the Taste of Georgia competition in 2018. It is made simply and naturally, using a tool to whip the honey, creating a smooth and spreadable topping.

The folks at H.L Franklin recommend using creamed honey on a peanut butter sandwich, as a dip for apples, or on a spoon straight from the jar as it conveniently doesn't drip! The product was so popular that they added a Cinnamon Creamed Honey and a Chocolate Creamed Honey to their product mix over the years. Both have all the benefits of their original H.L. Franklin’s Healthy Honey, with added all-natural flavors for a twist. Who knew good health could taste so good!

Grab a bottle of H.L. Franklin’s Healthy Honey to add to tea, coffee, dessert or a slice of bread to get the benefits of a super food with an incredible taste.

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