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Zeigler's Georgia Honey Sampler

Zeigler's Georgia Honey Sampler

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Taste the distinct flavors of raw, unfiltered honey that can only be found in Georgia. 

Zeigler's Georgia Honey Sampler includes: 

  • 16 oz Georgia Wildberry Honey: a blend produced from the various berry plants that bloom in the Georgia spring, this is a wonderfully rich, full flavored honey with a smooth clean finish
  • 16 oz Georgia Tallow Honey: a light-amber honey produced from the flowers of the Tallow plant which grows in the foothills of north Georgia 
  • 16 oz Georgia Wildflower Honey: made from sourwood, tulip poplar, Gallberry, saw palmetto, tallow, blueberry, blackberry, goldenrod, or any other locally flowering plants that their bees take a liking to, the result is a wonderfully complex orchestra of flavors

    This sampler brings together three sweet and tasty varieties of Georgia grown raw honey!