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WayPoint by CalyRoad at Rock House Creamery

WayPoint by CalyRoad at Rock House Creamery

CalyRoad at Rock House Creamery
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Enjoy our award-winning WayPoint cheese! This soft, creamy camembert style cheese is based on a traditional French recipe and is produced, farm to table, in 14 days. Pairs perfectly with your favorite Farmview jam. 

  • 8 oz WayPoint, camembert style cheese 
  • 2010 Flavor of Georgia Dairy Division Winner 

Ingredients: pasteurized grass fed cows milk, cultures, enzymes, yeasts, molds, salt, vegetarian rennet

PREORDER ONLY — Please note all cheeses and cheese boxes are currently on presale and will ship starting November 1st. Items not on presale in your order will not be affected and will promptly ship after placing your order

Rock House Creamery

Rock House Creamery is our family owned, Georgia Grown creamery, where our fresh & aged cheeses are handcrafted in small batches each day using only the highest quality ingredients.

Our cows are born and raised on our farm, so we have our hands on the entire process. Genetics and diet make all the difference. A three-way cross, our cows produce a high-butterfat milk, exceptional for cheese making. Plus, our cows are pastured year-round. Rock House Creamery aged wheels are crafted using a vegetable rennet. Our cheesemakers handturn and rub each wheel until it develops a natural rind. In 2020, Rock House Creamery welcomed CalyRoad as the newest member of its family. CalyRoad at Rock House Creamery continues the legacy of making the finest goat and cow’s milk cheeses.

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