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Prime Ribeye Steak
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Ribeye Steak
Grass Fed Prime Ribeye Steak
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Prime Ribeye Steak

Rock House Farm
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It's hard to find a cut of steak more packed with flavor than prime ribeye, thanks to its abundant marbling. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, hosting guests, or simply won't settle for anything less than the best, treat yourself to prime ribeye. 

  • Choose from either a two or four pack of 14 oz Prime Ribeye Steak

Our USDA Choice and Prime beef is sourced from trusted partner farms. These farms are vetted and approved by our farm operations manager. Our skilled butcher team performs all finishing and cutting to ensure our guests receive flavorful, high quality beef that excels in marbling and tenderness. All beef graded Prime and Choice meets standards set by the USDA.

Rock House Farm

Taste the difference of Rock House Farm’s 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef and Berkshire pork. As a Georgia Grown family farm, Rock House uses only traditional methods that honor the animals and the land their products come from. The result is incredibly flavorful, tender meat that is good for your family and good for our environment.

The cattle at Rock House Farm are a heritage breed, Devon crossed with Angus, but what really sets them apart is they’re raised under irrigation, which allows them to eat a diet of high-quality forage. This translates into tender, flavorful, grass-fed, grass-finished beef that’s available throughout the year. Again focusing on natural practices, Rock House hogs are raised in an open environment that combines woods and pasture. Berkshire hogs were chosen, because they produce a high quality pork with a rich color and greater marbling.

No matter their pursuit, Rock House Farm maintains the highest standards of quality production and animal raising. Because life is too short to eat uninspired.

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