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Supplier Profile: Find Your Inner Balance with Biron Wellness Teas


If you’ve visited our weekly Farmers Market on Saturdays, or attended the Spring Harvest Festival at Farmview Market, you may have tasted a soothing sample of local Biron Herbal Teas. The team behind Biron wellness teas is a husband & wife duo with vast knowledge on using ayurvedic herbs and alternative medicine to find balance within ourselves.

Ayurvedic medicine is known as one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems. It began in India around the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Biron’s founders spent three years steeping their ideas and tasting hundreds of herbs to develop specific recipes with the purpose of finding balance and alleviating basic health complications.

Biron’s blends of herbal wellness teas can be found on the shelves at Farmview Market, and visitors to the café can also order select flavors during breakfast or lunch. They have hand-crafted these very unique blends to satisfy your senses and make steps toward a healthier you. We recently took some time to chat with Andi Biron, co-owner of the Biron Herbal Teas team, and learn more about their local business.

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Does your company name, Biron, have any significance?

Biron is our last name. We incorporated a month before we got married. It was a prelude to our lifelong partnership. So, at the time we were really excited to use our last name as the company name. The company continues to bind us closely together.

Describe your business.

We make herbal, green and black tea. All our teas are full leaf/herb. We do not powder them which allows them to retain their therapeutic benefits. We incorporated in 2011, but it took over three years to finally have a product in hand. We operate out of our commercial kitchen in Macon, GA.

How did you get involved with wellness teas and herbs?

I received a Masters in Science degree in Alternative Medicine, so I studied it.

What inspired your current selection of flavor combinations?

Peach Honeybush & Peach Blossom is our nod to the state of Georgia, and the Cherry Blossom Green Tea is a nod to our local Cherry Blossom Festival. We almost did a pecan, but opted for Walnut Green Tea instead, and our Marzipan, was a fun flavor personal to me. When it came to the herbal mixtures, it was much more complicated. We tasted over 150 herbs individually, completed a taste, color, medical benefit profile on each herb, then decided on a good tasting formula that contained the herbs I wanted for their medicinal value. It is part of the reason it took us three years to finalize our formulas.

wellness teas

From where are these products and ingredients sourced?

All over. We choose the best we can get. About 90% of our herbs are organic, and our teas come from small farms.

Do you grow your own adaptogenic herbs? If not, are they sourced from Georgia?

We have started to grow some of our own herbs, however it will be awhile until we can harvest them for use in our tea. We also have about 10 hives to help with propagation. Herbs are seasonal, so we have a few sources, depending on the season. We have started to network to see if we can get any of them locally, however most of our herbs are not native to the area.

Which of these products are offered at Farmview Market?

Farmview offers all our products, our herbal teas, black, and green full leaf teas. They also offer our Peach Honeybush, and Earl Grey Gold Tea sold by the cup in their café.

How has the use of ayurvedic herbs & wellness teas impacted your life?

I love them! They are very underutilized in the US. The best thing is that are looked at more holistically. Holy Basil is in two of our teas, and it is used for a variety for a variety of things, like focus, blood sugar control, adrenal fatigue, however it is also used for confidence, hence the name of our Confidence tea that contains it.

What is the most rewarding thing about developing these products?

Being able to touch so many people, and help people in whatever small way I can. I had a woman with Multiple Sclerosis tell me that our Worryfree tea is the only thing that allows her to get a restful night’s sleep. Someone with an arthritic neck claims our Cherry Blossom tea helps reduce the pain (inflammation), and I just had someone tell me our Confidence tea is a wonderful study aid for them. They feel as though they retain the information much better when drinking it. These are a few of the stories I have heard. It is wonderful to be able to offer someone help, relief, etc. Even if it’s just offering someone a relaxing cup of tea they look forward to enjoying. It’s touching that person in a small positive way. That is HUGE.

Why do you think supporting local business and local, sustainable agriculture is so important?

Small business brings innovation.  It also allows for better quality. Small batches allow the use of wonderful, organic and fresh ingredients, which results in a much finer, and in our case, effective end product.

Which products of yours were the Flavor of Georgia winner/finalist and in what year(s)?

This is the first year we entered. We are very new and have only had product for 2 ½ years. Our Worryfree was the Flavor Best Beverage winner. It is a great tea for bedtime or anytime you are stressed. It contains Jasmine, Chamomile, and Lavender, however the powerhouse herbs are Kava Kava and Ashwagandha- two herbs specific for anxiety.

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What do you hope to see in the future for your business? Do you have any new products you're working on developing?

We have two new herbal teas, one for endurance and a recovery tea. I am so excited to get those done. As I mentioned, we are starting to grow our own herbs and eventually we would love to get to a point where we grow our own.

All this talk of delicious wellness teas sure makes us want a fresh, hot cup! But in the dead heat of summer, their teas are all delicious on ice as well. We recommend trying the Biron Peach Honeybush as a refreshing, Georgia-inspired iced tea. We’d like to thank Biron Herbal Teas for their continued support and for supplying their great and beneficial products at our market!

If you’d like to learn more about the use of ayurvedic herbs and creating your own blend of wellness teas, sign up for our upcoming Farmview Schoolhouse workshop, Make and Take Tea Blending with Andi Biron. Find out what it takes to balance an herbal tea blend with key herbs, supporting herbs, and balancing herbs, as well as learn how to flavor profile correctly, and create your own digestive blend to take home. Andi will also help you learn where to source your own herbs so you can put your new tea-blending skills to work at home!